vBulletin Database Backup

I'm maintaining a pretty big . It has a great amount of traffic, AND huge size. Right now, it has a remote backup . The optimization is always challenging. Anyway, vBulletin process was easy. The forum I maintain used vBulletin 3.6.x when it was firstly installed. Right now, it's using the latest stable .

The first thing I did before upgrading is to backup its database. Using web-based database management tool like phpMyAdmin is easy. We can export and store it in minutes. BUT, in some cases, it takes more time if we have a large database. So, I use the other method: using the backup script.

When we vBulletin, there is a backup script included in the distribution. It's under do_not_upload directory. The is The first thing we need to do is to edit this script, to locate the file. After that, we only need to execute this command: ./ backup

It will generate a backup file using this : databasename-dd-mm-yy.sql.gz. Just keep the file into the safe place (outside public directory always recommended), and start upgrading. All done.

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ich hoffe hier im Forum kann mir jemand helfen!
Ich habe versehentlich mehrere JPGs von meinem Handy verloren. Leider sind die Dateien nicht mehr im meinem Papierkorb.
Die Dateien sind sehr wichtig für mich! Ich würde die gerne wiederherstellen.
Wer kennt ne Seite auf der ich Infos dazu finde, wie ich die Daten retten kann??
Vielen Dank schonmal für eure Antworten