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Finally, I have a chance to try my new internet connection. I’m using Telkom Speedy’s Multi Speed package. Actually, I’m satisfied with my current provider. I decided to get another internet connection so that my sister can get her own connection, from her own room.

My current provider does not allow me to share the connection. I can subscribe for an additional line, but considering the cost — because I need to buy other peripherals — and also internet connection backup solution, I chose Speedy. The registration process was simple.

I signed up, filed some forms. I signed up on Friday when I visited a computer exhibition. Speedy offered discount at that time. Today, two technicians came to my house and they setup everything.

When I tried it, it’s fast. I read many complains about Speedy service. There are many negative comments — and also the positives one. I think I’m lucky. I hope I can get reliable connection using this Speedy. Let’s see…

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Di Jepang gw bayar JPY 6280 (sekitar IDR 750ribu-an) sudah bisa menikmati koneksi 1Gbps tanpa batas asli, alias ngga ada pengurangan bandwidth setelah kuota tertentu tercapai. Begitu balik ke sini, gw belum bisa dapetin yg setidaknya mendekati. Koneksi Internet di sini sudahlah lambat, mahal, ngga stabil pula. Pingin balik ke Jepang tapi kuliah udah kelar. *sedih*

1Gbps? NTT Fiber Optic itu ya? Muanteb edan!!
Gw mahasiswa kere, jadi cuma sanggup bayar JPY 3200 (+/- 380an ribu) sebulan. Tapi segitu aja ud dapat ADSL 20Mbps unlimited. Indo payah nih.
Waktu baru nyampe sini kerja gw donlot2 mulu, soalnya masih kampungan dpt koneksi secepat itu. Kaya mimpi. Sekarang HD gw 2.5TB cuma nyisa 200GB. Padahal kuliah gw baru kelar plg cepat 2011. Hehehe…

Hey buddy, good to know your connection is working fine till now…consider yourself lucky.
Here’s my story.. I am an expat who came to Indonesia from Singapore over a year ago, and after a lot of investigation, figured to go with Telkomsel’s speedy Game connection (1mbps) a couple of months back – seems that is the single largest mistake I have made in my life after coming to Jakarta. I use the internet at home infrequently (around 30min a day) but generally download or stream fairly heavily while using the internet from home. Initially the connection worked fine and I was getting around 800kbps download speed, till a couple of weeks back when connection speed dropped to less than 150kbps, and finally for the past few days to less than 100kbps, 10% of what I pay for!. Numerous call to the customer support 147 have been fruitless. The support guys are the most useless I have probably interacted with – they are very polite, but they dont mean a thing of what they say. They never take ANY action nor ever revert back. One thing that they do a lot however, is lying to the customer. And I have caught them lying quite often. Petty things like – we called you so many times today afternoon (when I never got a single call), our technician came to check at your house(when my building security confirmed no one had come), its a mass area failure (like an apocalypse) but will be resolved once you have complained (WHAT! So you were waiting for me to call you so you could take action on a mass area failure!)…and many more.
Well I am still stuck with this internet problem provider (maybe that’s what I should call them instead of ISP), so would advise one to check their options …have heard First Media is far superior(but its cable based, so I expect it to be better anyway). I get lucky when my gmail opens at times. On teh contrary, my INDOSAT blackbery service is much faster!!!

speedy makin lama koneksinya makin hancur nih…knapa ya…beberapa kali komplain ke kantornya tp gak ada tanggapan yang serius…capedey

jaringan speedy di sisi kadang ada kadang tdk,.,.,di tamba lagi bln kemaren 1bln penuh tak ada jaringan,trus modem kami rusak,.,.tak ada penanganan lngsung dri org jaringan