Telkom Speedy

Finally, I have a chance to try my new internet connection. I’m using Telkom Speedy’s Multi Speed package. Actually, I’m satisfied with my current provider. I decided to get another internet connection so that my sister can get her own connection, from her own room.
My current provider does not allow me to share the connection. I can subscribe for an additional line, but considering the cost — because I need to buy other peripherals — and also internet connection backup solution, I chose Speedy. The registration process was simple. I signed up, filed some forms. I signed up on Friday when I visited a computer exhibition. Speedy offered discount at that time. Today, two technicians came to my house and they setup everything.
When I tried it, it’s fast. I read many complains about Speedy service. There are many negative comments — and also the positives one. I think I’m lucky. I hope I can get reliable connection using this Speedy. Let’s see…