Oppo A3S Mati Mendadak

Beberapa waktu, ponsel Oppo A3S milik istri saya tiba-tiba saja mati. Tidak dapat diisi baterai juga, bahkan dengan menggunakan charger asli bawaan Oppo. Padahal, ponsel ini beli baru dan belum ada enam bulan.

Ketika dinyalakan, tidak ada respon sama sekali. Kalau overheating, saya rasa juga bukan. Terlalu lama diisi daya, tidak juga karena habis baterai karena tidak di-charge saja.

Ada beberapa solusi yang saya baca di internet. Mulai dari factory reset yang akhirnya tidak bisa saya lakukan, karena ponsel saja tidak bisa menyala.

Solusi untuk menggunakan Android recovery — menekan tombol power dan tombol volume down — juga gagal dilakukan. Dan, ada juga solusi untuk mencoba melakukan pengisian baterai dari sumber daya listrik lain. Akhirnya, dengan kabel charger yang ada, pengisian dilakukan dengan daya dari laptop.

Setelah menunggu, ternyata indikator bahwa ponsel sedang diisi daya menyala, dan terus naik angkanya. Setelah itu, ponsel bisa dihidupkan lagi dan kembali seperti semula.

Nokia N9

Nokia N9 is about a swipe. Go to swipe.nokia.com for features and design philosophy.

Global Smartphone Vendor Shipments (October 2011)

According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung is now the biggest smartphone dealer in the world.

“Global smartphone shipments grew 44 percent annually to reach a record 117 million units in Q3 2011. Samsung shipped 28 million smartphones and overtook Apple to become the world’s largest smartphone vendor by volume with 24 percent market share. Samsung’s rise has been driven by a blend of elegant hardware designs, popular Android services, memorable sub-brands and extensive global distribution. Samsung has demonstrated that it is possible, at least in the short term, to differentiate and grow by using the Android ecosystem.”,  Alex Spektor, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics.

Hello iPhone 4!

Two weeks ago, I bought myself a black iPhone 4.  So did Lala. She bought the white one. I decided to buy it after I searched for reviews, looking up what I can do with it, and also how people work with this gadget. I was lucky because there was a great deal I didn’t want to miss.
For those who keep convincing me to get an iPhone 4, you may stop now. And, I personally would like to thank Firman Maulana (@kakilangit) for his kind help. He helped me a lot. Matur nuwun!

I like it so far. Really. Since I like photography, I love working with photography applications. Probably, iPhone and photography means Instagram. So yes, I joined Instagram — I’m @thomasarie. Also, I’m enjoying iPhone apps.


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