Twitter's Mobile Site Overhaul

Interesting story behind Twitter’s mobile site design.

Posterous Theme for Mobile Device

If you haven’t tried Posterous, you should. It offers lots of great features. Recently, Posterous added a new feature on its theme. If you open Posterous-powered sites using mobile device, they will be presented in a nice interface. You don’t have to tweak any settings, it just works.
From their blog:

This mobile theme was designed with readability in mind. We stripped out as much as we possibly could, and ended up with a very minimal mobile theme that we think you’re going to love.
In addition, we optimize all of your uploaded media for smaller screens! We automatically resize your image galleries and videos so that viewers on smaller screens can have the best experience possible.

When I create a new post using Posterous, I also cross-post it to Twitter, or — sometime — Facebook. By this new feature, those who use Twitter in mobile don’t have to worry about loading heavy page on Posterous. Nice.

Google Offers More Than 1.5 Million Public Domain Books

books sm2
Google Book Search offers a great deal. We can now find more than 1.5 million public domain book for free. Not only that, we can also enjoy reading them in mobile devices like the iPhone and the T-Mobile G1. Use this address:
If we’re using the mobile edition, it will display text for faster download. Nice!


If you need free mobile softwares, here is an alternative: Phoload.

phoload logo
Phoload is a new community website based on the idea that it should be simple, easy, and fun to discover and download free mobile phone games and applications. Users of the website can rate, review and recommend the software they download. We also aim to provide a great service for mobile software developers. Phoload is designed to make it easy for developers to distribute their software through the website, directly to users who have compatible phones. (source)

WPhone: Admin Interface for Your Phone

WPhone screenshot
WPhone (plugin page) is a plugin that gives you an option to replace the default admin interface with one designed for your phone. There are two versions of the mobile admin interface:

  • an iPhone / iPod Touch specific interface with full Javascript and animation support
  • a lightweight, simple version designed for all other phone types (no Javascript or anything else required)

Go to information page about this WPhone for more features. The screenshot page tells all about it. It seems that it is designed for use with the latest version of WordPress, but since standard API calls on the back end. So, I assume that it will also work for WPMU. Is it? Well, I haven’t tried it, but I will. Or, anyone tried it on WPMU environment?

Opera Mini 4

It’s official. Opera Software just released the latest version of Opera Mini after three beta releases. It’s Opera Mini 4. In this release, there are many improvement as the entire codes were rewritten. Its rendering is also based on Opera 9.5 desktop browser. Here are some highlights:

  • Overview mode — Opera Mini 4 includes a new rendering architecture that allows you to view webpages just like you would on your computer. When you first load a webpage, Opera Mini will show you an overview snapshot of the page; using the new mouse cursor you can instantly zoom in to the selected region of the page.
  • Size of text fits width of screen — Opera Mini 4 dynamically changes the size of the text on webpages to fit the width of your phone’s screen, meaning you won’t have to scroll horizontally.
  • New standards support — Support for HTML tables, CSS handheld stylesheets, and more advanced support for CSS have been added to Opera Mini.
  • More highlights? Visit information page about the release. And do not forget to check the full features.

To download, you have three options: downloading directly from your mobile phone, PC or using SMS link. Since my old mobile phone (Nokia 3230) is also supported, I think I will download an install it.