Google Image Search Color Filter

I think, this Google Image Search‘s “filter by color” feature is very useful. I can filter image search results not only by size (extra large, large, medium, and small) and image type (news content, faces, clip art, line drawing and photos) but also by color.
Google Image Search Results Color Filter
There are twelve colors available to be used as filter. I think it will be great if there are more colors to choose, or even custom color? But so far, it IS very useful.

Pixlr, Online Image Editor

Here another alternative for online image editor. It’s called Pixlr. We can upload and image images directly from internet browser. To enjoy this service, we need to have Flash plugin installed. Learn more. on Firefox 3 on Firefox

MOO Mini Cards

MOO Mini Cards
Finally, we have them delivered :)

Image styling in blog entry

When we write an article in our blog, sometime we insert images/photos to support our article. And this can be done easily, no matter what blogging platform we use. For example, using WordPress we can upload image using uploader tool, and with few clicks the image will go to entry editing screen. For better formatting purposes, we can manage how inserted objects should be displayed: floating left, right or in the center. For example, see the image below:

The above image is constructed using HTML codes like this:

<p><img src="/path/to/image/file.jpg" alt="Alternate Text" align="left" /></p>
<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Quisque mollis. Sed ut eros at ante congue vehicula.

Or, something like this:

<p><img src="/path/to/image/file.jpg" alt="Alternate Text" style="float: left;" /></p>
<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Quisque mollis. Sed ut eros at ante congue vehicula.

There are many alternatives to have such output. We can use style="float: left;", align="left", align="right", etc. Is it what you want? Probably, yes. But, do you notice that the text is attached to the image? Do you want to insert some space there so that it can please your readers? Now, let’s compare with this image.

Why no emoticons in this site?

I am not a fan of emoticon. But, I am fine if I see smilies used in websites, blogs, or discussion forums. Nowadays, smilies/emoticons are widely used by many web applications, etc; and I have to confest that I do not know each of them, do you?
Okey, what’s emoticon anyway? According to Wikipedia:

an emoticon is a symbol or combination of symbols used to convey emotional content in written or message form.

To be more spesific, current web applications have a built-in emoticon feature. For example, if you’re using WordPress, we can manage how smilies should be presented: only symbols or converted them into graphics/icons. There are some reasons why I do not use emoticons in this site.

  • I do not want to display text, images and any other important message and I presented many icons at the same time.
  • Smiley symbols are enough to represent emotional content.
  • I do not want to give symbols that’s hard to understand. Okey, I think it’s more about me who does not know much about smiley symbols.

This is — of course — more about my personal preferences. I am fine with emoticons at other sites/blogs. But, if there is an option not to use the icons, I will choose not to see that. For example, if we registered at a discussion forum, we can have options on how smiley symbols should be treated.

WordPress Yahoo! Shortcuts Plugin for Super Blog Post

Yahoo! Shortcuts Team and Crowd Favorite released a WordPress plugin called Yahoo! Shortcuts for WordPress. What is it? According to its definition:

Yahoo! Shortcuts for WordPress plugin intelligently enriches your blog post with great content from Yahoo! Maps, Finance, and beyond.

Even it’s still in beta release, after I tried this plugin, I found that this is a very useful plugin. Especially I want to enrich my post with more useful information without spending too much time to find references. If you go to Yahoo! Shortcuts page, you will see some demos on how the plugin will work in your post. Look at the sidebar. In short this plugin will do these things:
Yahoo! Shortcuts: Shortcuts Found

  • Detect your post to find relevant information automagically — I think it’s by keywords — that can be found using Yahoo! services. For example: maps/location, products, company information, people profile, photos, etc.
  • This plugin will generate some shortcut alternatives. Later, you will have options to deal with those shortcuts. In you entry editing screen, you will see a box containing information about how many shortcuts found in your entry.
  • If you decide to create shortcuts to Yahoo! services, just click on the “Review this Post” button. By doing this action, you will be brought to another editing screen.

Illustration and Avatar Maker Online Tools

When we register to a service, we have the ability to change our profile/account information. And one of them is on the photo or avatar image. The main reason because we want to incorporate our avatar identity to our account. Well, better than the default image/photos provided by the services.
But sometime, creating an avatar takes too much time. Not only because we have to deal with complicated software for image editing, but also we lack of ideas. What kind of avatar? We can create our own avatar and illustration in ease. Portrait Illustration Maker and Otaku Avatar Maker are available for free.
Illustration and Avatar Maker
The input fields will help you creating your favorite avatar or illustration. You can choose the background, foot, hair type, eyes color, etc. If you have created them, you can simply save your work and use it for your need. Nice tools!