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Last week, Geoffrey Sneddon of SimplePie planned to leave his role developing SimplePie. As a reminder, SimplePie is a code library (written in PHP) that can be use to do creative things using RSS and Atom feeds. If you have heard about Magpie RSS, SimplePie does similar actions. Do I use it? Well, when I developed Asia Blogging Network together with the team, I also use SimplePie to display global entry from the network. You can see the action on the frontpage.
Okey, so does SimplePie join the deadpool? It seems not. Ryan Parman — the other developer — took over the development. And another new version of SimplePie (SimplePie 1.1) was released few days ago, with some improvements. Great!


  1. I just want to clarify that SimplePie is nowhere near joining the deadpool.
    Geoffrey, currently the lead developer on the project, is not abruptly leaving. He’s planning to stay involved while we transition some stuff around and get fresh blood involved, and has been working on the beginnings of SimplePie 2.0.
    I’ve seen blog posts recently like “SimplePie Almost Dies!”, but nothing could be further from the truth, and I just want to ensure that misinformation doesn’t spread. :)
    That being said, we’ve had our 1.2 release in simultaneous development over the past few months, and will be releasing that over the next few months.

  2. Hello
    I know this is probably not the right place to get help, but I am going to try! I downloaded your butterfly theme and I love it! I just cannot figure out how to get the picture of the lady that is at the top right hand corner changed as well as the writing that is in that block. Is there a way you can email me with some step by step directions to do this?? Please!! I am a newbie and not technical at all,
    Thanks so much
    Jean Mandel

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