Send that Thunderbird to my email

It was started when my friend got problem with his email. The problem was not on the email server, but on the email client. Few weeks before, I suggested my friend to host his email at Google, using Google Apps for Your Domain service. Everything run smoothly, he can check all emails from the web (not using email client).
Then, he wanted to get all email using Microsoft Outlook. I gave him a step-by-step guide on how to connect his Outlook to Google mail server, based on tutorial provided. But it did not work. He always got network password problem all the time. It seems that many people have this kind of problem. I assumed that the problem was not on Google server.
Shortly, I recommended him to use other email clients as an alternative. I recommended Mozilla Thunderbird. Because my friend does not familiar with kind of thing, he told me to talk to his IT guy. Ah, great! It should be easier to do it then, because he lived in different city.
It seemed that his IT guy was not familiar with Thunderbird. When I mentioned about it, he said, “Thunderbird?” Errrr… At that time, I just wanted to solve the email problem as soon as possible. So, I had a short discussion with him:

Me: “The problem is not on the email server, it’s the Outlook. Try to search in the internet, there are many people having this problem.”
IT guy: “Okey, so what should I do?”
Me: “Try another email client. I use Thunderbird, and I have no problem at all. Everything works.”
IT guy: “Is it free?”
Me: “Yes, it’s free. You can download it for free. Download and install it. After that you can read the manual on how to connect your Thunderbird to your email.”
IT guy: “Is it big?”
Me: “No, you can download it in few minutes.”
IT guy: “I need to go first right now. I think I will do it tomorrow.”
Me: “Fine then. You can download it first, and you can install it tomorrow.”
IT guy: “Can you send me the installer to my email address?”
Me: “… … …”

Somebody kill me pleaseeeee!