Nokia Funaholic Icon Search

Following Nokia Indonesia’s Eksismeter campaign, there is now Nokia Funaholic Icon Search. This is all about finding an icon for Nokia E5. This Funaholic Icon Search will find three real person that represents three characters: Antonio (the super exist), Daisy (the music lover) and Kareem (the super busy guy). The mechanism is similar with the previous campaign: it’s all about being online presence, and everyone can join.

Right now, there are nine icon candidates. Visitors (you!) can vote your favorite candidates and you can get a chance to win one of these gifts from Nokia Indonesia: Nokia C3, Nokia X5 and Nokia E5!

How those characters — if you’re also one of them — take advantages from Nokia E5 device? Let’s look at some cool features for them.
For those who want to get online everytime (connected to many social network services, chats, and also email), Nokia E5 offers features that work for this purposes:

  • Messaging — Email is one of the important thing that people should have. Fromt this device, you can acess up to 10 personal email accounts. Does it only support Ovi Mail? No. You can check your  Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. I have tried this, and I find it useful. I use the messaging office to check my office email, Yahoo! Mail, Google Apps for domain email, and also Gmail. Until today, I find nothing but good features. Ovi Mail offers 1 GB of storage, and I think it also offers a short and cool domain name.
  • I want to chat also to make real time conversation with my friends. Using Nokia Messaging IM application, I can directly connect to some service like Yahoo! Messenger, and also Google Talk. And, to make the whole communication experience better, Nokia E5 also equipped with full QWERTY keyboard.
  • Nokia E5 also supports 3G and Wi-Fi connection. Free Wi-Fi can be found easily here in Indonesia when going to the mall, coffee shop, and some other public places. Great deal!
  • The home screen can be very useful because you can make access to your favorite menus. Also, you can also customize the home screen to create the a personal look that really “you”.
  • Camera — The camera features are not disappointing I guess. You have 5 MP camera, digital zoom up to 3x and also LED flash. It should be suitable for on-the-go photography. Does it also support video recording? Yes, with .mp4 or .3gp file formats.

All Nokia E5 features can be found at Nokia E5 product info page.
Back to Nokia Funaholic Icon Search I mentioned above, you can get a chance to get this Nokia E5 only by giving your vote. Now, you can start voting and may the best win :D

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i have a question…recently my nokia e5 show an image like message icon but the icon have a shape of diamond at the right site of the message icon….what does it mean??