It is more about attitude

Some Indonesians bloggers has interesting topics I think. First about a guy named Roy Suryo. And the next thing about Anne Ahira.

When Priyadi wrote his “Anne Ahira Bukanlah Pahlawan, Dia Adalah Bagian Dari Masalah Internet (En.: Anne Ahira is not a hero, he is part of phenomena)”, he received numbers of comments.
The interesting part I think, the main topic Priyadi brings to his weblog is about spam. Not about someone who runs business (network marketing?) and gets thousands of dollars. Priyadi experienced — and I did too — that he received so many spams by e-. But what made him interested in on one of the spams was that it was written in Bahasa .
I know, everybody needs money. Eveybody has right to run a business. But for this case (network marketing, Multi Level Marketing, or what ever you call it), I am not interested in this. Some has tried, to ask me to join such things, offering different products and strategies.
What I experience from them is the way they do to convince. When I met some friends joining that kind of business, they always asked (pushed?) me to join. Even when we enjoy living. They tried to convince me. And when I said no, they said, “OK, just give me a chance and bit of your (mine) time.” Hey!!! Get out!
OK, back to discussion. Why Priyadi wrote the article?. I think we can see from the very beginning of the paragraph. Someone sent him spam (he considered it as spam). After that he wrote another paragraph about his opinion, research, and some facts. And all placed him into the discussion center. If some people do not agree, that will be no problem. But the disagreements lead to unhealthy discussions, that will be bad I think — take a look at comments from those who do not agree with Priyadi.
For me, it is not about money. It is not about how many dollars I can get IF I join such business. It is more about the attitude. I am with you friends.

8 replies on “It is more about attitude”

yang priyadi bahas adalah spam dari anne ahira. tapi kenapa yang berkomentar malah kebanyakan negatif ya, malah ada ngomong ngiri, sirik, sinis atau apalah…, gampang naik darah kata amal. justru karena mereka berkomentar negatif sehingga kita yang membacanya memiliki pikiran negatif pula tentang anne ahira (kalo pikiran gue sih, “oh…jadi gini toh pengikutnya anne ahira…ngomong nya kacau-kacau”)
gue sendiri benci banget sama yang namanya spam. gue harus ngehapus kira-kira 8 spam tiap hari di koment (sebelum pake MT-blacklist).
mungkin, kalau priyadi mendapat spam dari orang indonesia tapi bukan anne ahira, yang berkomentar pun tidak akan senegatif ini.

Buat gue, Anne itu part of MLM ya…
and i hate MLM :(
Kalo soal spam di imel n milis, ya maklumin ajalah… kan mreka mungkin pingin cpet jadi kaya si Anne itu.