IDrive for Data Backup Solution

Today, I tried a called IDrive. It’s an online backup service. Why I need this? The reason is simple: I want to keep my data, just to make sure that I have backup for important files. IDrive data provides many options to choose. For example, if I only need than 2 GB of backup , I can get if for free. But, if 2 GB is not enough, I can upgrade it easily. For example, I can get 150 GB for personal use only for USD 49.50. Or, if I want to subscribe monthly, I only need to pay USD 4.95. Just do the math. :)
To make my computer “connected” to IDrive server, I only need to download IDrive software. Currently, it support and Mac. So, after I have a registered , I and install the . Run the software, fill in the account info and voila! I’m connected. Now, I want to prove whether the backup and restore process is easy or not.

Backup process
First, I need to locate a directory where I put all files I want to backup. I want to make it easy to organize. So, I created a new folder in my drive called “IDrive”. If I want to backup some files, I just need to place them in that folder. Look at the below:

When I’m done, I just click on the “Backup Now” button, and it will start the backup process. The process depends on my speed.

It’s very simple! After this process, I thought I need to do something else. But, I was wrong. All done. I do not need to do anything. The files were stored, and I could see that I can restore it at anytime. It seemed easy. But, is it really easy to restore? So, let’s prove it.
Restore process
I deleted a in “IDrive” directory. I went to the restore menu tab where I could see the “online version”. I chose the file I wanted to restore.

After that, IDrive software asked me where to restore the file. Choose the location, and click on the “Restore” button. And, done!

The backup and restore processes are very simple. It works for me, and it should work for you, too. Try it!
This article is generously sponsored by IDrive.