Hi, Google Photos!

Google Photos logo

After leaving Flickr, it took few weeks to have all organised in Photos as my primary (and !) .

What's the difference?

Using , I upload more photos. I think, this is because of some key factors:

  1. It's easy to upload photos. I almost always upload my photos directly from my Android .
  2. It feels fast to upload. Besides photos, I also upload some videos.
  3. It's addictive. Because it's not only about having all photos stored in the , but also how Google handles my uploaded photos. The “Assistant” which helps me to create animation, collages, and also movies makes me feel more engaged with what I have uploaded. And, let's not forget also its face recognition and face grouping feature.

Secondly, it's nice to share memories with others. Even I have lots of private photos, I also have thousand of photos I took in my daily with friends at the office, church during Saturday , and other occasions.

So, it's not only about me, not only about my family, but it's also about friends, coworkers, relatives, and those who we care about. I create hundreds of albums to keep all photos organised. I label those faces, and created shared albums so that my friends can also see their photos.

I already have around 28K photos uploaded for free to Google Photos. Let's see how many photos I have at the end of the year. 20K? We'll see.