Free Blog Service from

There are many free blog services offered on the internet. Because every blogger has his/her own way on using the service, he/she tends to choose the service that can accomodate their needs.
There is a service called It’s a Free Blog service that’s available for everyone. Even it is still in beta period, but it already offers many features like blog creation, media and multimedia sharing — we can share photos, videos, music files or even podcasts. It also has a privacy control settings so that you can decide who can read your blog (public, private, friends or family). Having this rich-feature service, we do not need to worry about paying bandwidth at all.
About community building, there is also an extra feature: discussion forum. If you want to jump into the crowd with many different interest, you can give it a try. For new bloggers, it’s a good opportunity to build a readership among friends and other bloggers in the blogosphere. Why is it possible? This service is designed to display contents from its members in many ways e.g. providing some sections like “Featured Photos”, “Recent Blog Posts”, “Random Posts”,  Videos, and also “Popular Blog Tags”. Member-submitted contents are well-organized, and it will helps the audience (members or non-members) to enjoy the contents.