YouTube Now Has a New Player Design?

I just visited channel on YouTube, I saw something different with the . Looking at the new design in brief, I think I like the new one — all the player elements are there without any significant changes. I’m not sure whether it’s already announced or not, but it’s new for me. Here’s a new video player on .

And, this is the previous design:

Compared to the previous video player design, here are few things to notice:

  • It’s more polished, I think.
  • But, I’m a little bit annoyed by the frame “Seek” bar there, it covers some video area. It’s only displayed for few seconds and it becomes a tiny indicator.
  • Volume indicator is displayed horizontally. Both designs are fine, but I prefer the volume indicator on the right, not left.

This new player design is only visible when you visit videos directly on YouTube. If you embed YouTube videos in your /blog, they’re still using the old one. Maybe later.

Videoblog. Again.

With my friend, I decided to create a new . Previously, I had one at , but since I was busy and almost had no time to maintain it, I left the expired. Now, it has a new domain name, with a new . I will not talk about technology or other geeky stuff. If you like technology, you should visit Webicara, Notsogeeky, or Macindos.TV. Our new videoblog will focus on daily life.
Right now, almost all videos take as the object. But, for me personally, I see many interesting stuff here in Jakarta — I’ve been staying in this city for almost three months. Last month, we went to Kalibata and Pasar Minggu. Not only to have durian, but also witnessing another area in Jakarta, at night. Not really at night, but can I say early in the morning?
What makes this videoblog different — from my previos one — is that I do it with a partner. He’s a good friend of mine since high school. The other important thing is that we share a same concept and understanding. It makes the videoblogging process easier. We do this videoblog mostly on weekend since we’re both working.
Anyway, the videoblog is using as its domain name. And we put our videos on YouTube. What does it mean? It might be meaningless in English, or in Indonesian language. But, you understand Javanese language, you’ll get the meaning. Yeah, it’s not a , anyway. :D Okey, there are already some videos to watch. We have some videos on the about Betawi culture, food and also train (the class!).

Posterous Theme for Mobile Device

If you haven’t tried , you should. It offers lots of great features. Recently, Posterous added a new feature on its theme. If you open Posterous-powered sites using device, they will be presented in a nice interface. You don’t have to tweak any settings, it just works.
From their blog:

This mobile was designed with readability in mind. We stripped out as much as we possibly could, and ended up with a very minimal mobile theme that we think you’re going to love.
In addition, we optimize all of your uploaded media for smaller screens! We automatically resize your galleries and videos so that viewers on smaller screens can have the best experience possible.

When I create a new post using Posterous, I also cross-post it to Twitter, or — sometime — Facebook. By this new feature, those who use in mobile don’t have to worry about loading heavy page on Posterous. Nice.

Solution: OpenX Missing Statistic Reports

Yesterday, I was a little bit panic because I couldn’t found any statistic reports in an OpenX . I didn’t use the latest version (2.8.0). So, I did an to 2.8.5. But still, the didn’t come back.
I finally found a solution at OpenX Community Forums. Here’s the trick:

  • Go to your management tool. I’m using phpMyAdmin.
  • Run this simple : update ox_application_variable set value = 1 where name ='admin_account_id';
  • Voila!

When I went back to the statistic page, I had all statistics available. Great.

Frekuensi Menulis di Blog dan Mikroblog

Kemarin, Ivan Lanin melontarkan sebuah pertanyaan melalui akun Twitter miliknya:

Apakah mikroblog dan pemutakhiran status membuat orang jadi lbh malas menulis di blog “tradisional”? [tautan]

Gara-gara pertanyaan tersebut, saya tergoda untuk menjawab pertanyaan tersebut dengan lebih panjang, melalui sebuah entri di blog ini. Jawaban saya untuk pertanyaan tersebut melalui akun Twitter saya sepertinya terlalu singkat.

Saya tidak akan menjawab mengenai istilah blog “tradisional”, tapi pemahaman saya terhadap kata ‘tradisional’ tersebut adalah blog yang pada umumnya dikenal, sebelum mikroblog berkembang sampai dengan hari ini. Atau mungkin, ketika layanan semacam , Plurk, , , Koprol, dan lain sebagainya menjadi sangat populer.

Call Center 121: Layanan Informasi dan Reservasi Tiket KA

Hari ini (5 April 2010), saya melakukan perjalanan menggunakan jasa kereta . Kalau tidak salah ingat, baru kali pertama saya menggunakan Taksaka pagi dari menuju — dari kebiasaan menggunakan Taksaka Malam. Perjalanan hari ini ditempuh mulai jam 10.00 dan saya turun di Stasiun Jatinegara, kira-kira pukul 17:45. Perjalanan cukup lancar. “Sialnya”, pendingin gerbong saya rasakan dingin sekali. Ini membuat saya menghabiskan cukup banyak waktu di gerbong makan untuk menikmati makanan dan minuman disana. Ya, disamping karena memang alasan lapar sih… :)

Untuk perjalanan ini, memang mundur dari jadwal yang saya rencanakan, karena alasan tiket sudah habis. Tapi, ini mendingan daripada naik terbang. Sebenarnya, naik pesawat terbang di hari yang sama (untuk waktu agak siang/sore), tidak terpaut jauh. Tapi, kali ini tetap naik saja.

Oh ya, kalau minggu lalu saya sedikit mengeluhkan tentang layanan call center reservasi tiket, ternyata 1 April kemarin nomor Call Center 121 secara resmi dikukuhkan (tautan terkait). Dan, katanya akan melayani masyarakat yang akan menggunakan jasa kereta api dalam hal informasi jadwal, termasuk tentu saja pemesanan tiket. Layanan 24 jam pula. Kenapa saya bilang katanya, karena saya memang belum pernah menggunakan layanan Call Center ini. Mungkin suatu saat nanti deh.

Tentang call center tersebut, berikut ini kutipan beritanya:

Contact Center 121 dapat dihubungi melalui telepon atau fax dengan mengakses nomor 121 dari telepon rumah (untuk pulau Jawa, Palembang, Padang dan ) dan 021-21391121 dari seluruh operator GSM & CDMA. Selain itu info layanan juga dapat diakses melalui situs Khusus untuk Kereta Commuter Jabodetabek konsumen dapat menghubungi Contact Center melalui dengan kode akses 9559. [sumber]