YouTube Now Has a New Player Design?

I just visited channel on YouTube, I saw something different with the . Looking at the new design in brief, I think I like the new one — all the player elements are there without any significant changes. I’m not sure whether it’s already announced or not, but it’s new for me. Here’s a new video player on .

And, this is the previous design:

Compared to the previous video player design, here are few things to notice:

  • It’s more polished, I think.
  • But, I’m a little bit annoyed by the frame “Seek” bar there, it covers some video area. It’s only displayed for few seconds and it becomes a tiny indicator.
  • Volume indicator is displayed horizontally. Both designs are fine, but I prefer the volume indicator on the right, not left.

This new player design is only visible when you visit videos directly on YouTube. If you embed YouTube videos in your /blog, they’re still using the old one. Maybe later.

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