721 claps per minute!

How many claps you can make in one minute? 60? 80? 100? What about 721 claps in one minute? I had to admit that I was amazed by this world . Kent “Toast” French holds a record for The World’s Fastest Clapper. You can see the on Youtube, Metacafe, or ifilm. 721 claps in one minute? Wow!

Spread Firefox Gets a Face Lift

If you’re a user, you probably have heard about Spread Firefox. It’s a movement to spread Mozilla Firefox . Recently, its introduced a new . Check: http://newsfx.spreadfirefox.com/. Anyway, this is made on Drupal.

Saatnya ganti mouse dan keyboard

Wah, mouse sudah usang. Kemarin, setelah pulang mengantar Lala balik ke Ngawi, berkutat dengan komputer lagi. Yah, seperti biasa, menyempatkan untuk mengerjakan sedikit pekerjaan yang menumpuk (duh!). Nah, ternyata mouse-nya bermasalah. Mouse tidak responsif. Kadang-kadang tidak terdeteksi. Wah, sepertinya sudah ngaco banget. Dan jelas ini sangat mengganggu. Kalau cuma melakukan hal-hal sederhana, tanpa mouse (jika dipaksakan) bisa juga. Tapi tetap saja, kok rasanya menjadi tidak produktif sekali.

Yang kedua, keyboard. Sebenarnya, keyboard sih tidak ada masalah. Masalahnya cuma satu: sudah banyak ‘huruf yang hilang’. Mungkin harus maklum juga, lha keyboard sudah lama juga, ditambah dengan keyboard ini sudah menjadi korban aktivitas kerjaan. Kalau saya sendiri sih tidak masalah, tapi kadang karena adik saya juga sering pakai komputer, mungkin kebingungan juga kali ya? Hehehehe…

Mouse dan keyboard yang saya pakai mungkin bukan tergolong mahal. Keyboard kalau tidak salah dulu beli harga Rp. 25.000,00-an. Dan mouse-nya Rp. 50.000,00-an. Saya juga belum ‘memaksa’ untuk membeli yang canggih-canggih amat. Yang penting: nyaman dipakai! Selama masih bisa untuk bekerja dan terasa nyaman menggunakannya, kenapa harus beli yang mahal? Hari ini, kayaknya mendingan beli mouse baru deh…


Look at the below:

It’s a shot of a gum tree taken in front of City in Chinatown Haymarket in Sydney. This wonderful photo was taken by yukesmooks. And you know what, this is two billionth photo uploaded to Flickr. Lala and I only contribute less than 200 photos for Flickr so far. :)

Yusril Ihza Mahendra's New Blog

Yusril Ihza Mahendra, the former State Secretary, starts using a new blog address. His blog — made using WordPress — is located at http://yusril.ihzamahendra.com. So, if you’re know his very first blogs at Blogspot (http://mahendra-ihza-yusril.blogspot.com/), it’s time to change your bookmark to the new address. All posts (except the last one) have been imported to .
Vavai also also informs that his blog can also be accessed using some different domains. http://yusrilihzamahendra.com or just http://yusril.com. Just choose. All will be redirected to the primary where his blog originally installed. Right, just a redirection.
Note: All posts and comments will be written by Pak Yusril himself. And, all communication sent from the contact form will go to Pak Yusril inbox. Yes, it’s his blog.
Happy blogging, Pak!

WPhone: Admin Interface for Your Phone

WPhone screenshot
WPhone (plugin page) is a plugin that gives you an option to replace the default admin interface with one designed for your . There are two versions of the admin interface:

  • an / iPod Touch specific interface with full and animation support
  • a lightweight, simple version designed for all other phone types (no Javascript or anything else required)

Go to information page about this WPhone for more features. The page tells all about it. It seems that it is designed for use with the latest version of , but since standard calls on the back end. So, I assume that it will also work for WPMU. Is it? Well, I haven’t tried it, but I will. Or, anyone tried it on WPMU ?

DivCounter: Webpage Tag Scanner

DivCounter Logo
How many tags are there in your web page? How many opened and closed tags? If you’re curious to get that information, you can use a handy tool called DivCounter. Using this tool you can scan a web page to get the number of opened and closed .
Not all HTML tags are scanned by default, you can add more tags to scan. Just enter the tags (separate by commas) and this tool will do the work. If you have unclosed tags, you probably want to fix it. But remember, not all tags should have closing tags e.g. img or br. I think it’s a good tool to learn about HTML.

Longest Email Address

I am not sure whether it’s useful or not, but there is free where you can have a very long (again, VERY long) email address. It’s under abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijk.com name. Before registering, it’s better to read what it offers (because it’s so long):

  • Some web forms are unable to read your email address
  • Soe email can not be configured
  • hav a hard time typing in your email address
  • Companies think that your email address is fake

Read that first. But, if you want to have it, you can sign up (it’s free). You will get 25 Mb . But, you will have ad-supported service. That’s what it said. I haven’t tried to signup as I do not ned it.

Windows Live ID for Everyone

Some of you probably have heard that you can have Windows Live ID. Yes, it’s open for public now. It means that everyone can register. The registration process is very simple, you only need to fill in some registration form fields.
After the registration process was completed, you will be brought to a page, telling that you have your Live ID. It says:

Congratulations on getting your Windows Live ID!!
Now that you’ve got your Windows Live ID, get ready to experience the new set of that brings your online world together.

Then what? I mean, I have no other useful links, or redirected to other more useful page. I am talking about “I have registered, but were to go next?”. It’s unusual… or, it’s designed this way?

Opera Mini 4

It’s official. Opera Software just released the latest version of after three beta releases. It’s Opera Mini 4. In this , there are many improvement as the entire codes were rewritten. Its rendering is also based on 9.5 . Here are some highlights:

  • Overview mode — Opera Mini 4 includes a new rendering architecture that allows you to view webpages just like you would on your computer. When you first load a webpage, Opera Mini will show you an overview snapshot of the page; using the new mouse cursor you can instantly zoom in to the selected region of the page.
  • Size of text fits width of screen — Opera Mini 4 dynamically changes the size of the text on webpages to fit the width of your ’s screen, meaning you won’t have to scroll horizontally.
  • New standards support — Support for tables, handheld stylesheets, and more advanced support for CSS have been added to Opera Mini.
  • More highlights? Visit information page about the release. And do not forget to check the full features.

To download, you have three options: downloading directly from your , PC or using link. Since my old mobile phone (Nokia 3230) is also supported, I think I will download an install it.

WordPress MU 1.3

Few days ago, WordPress MU 1.3 was released for public. This latest is a sync of 2.3.1. So, many new offered by WordPress 2.3.1 will be also available in WordPress MU . Great!
Here are some features offered by this release:

  • Better admin controls for the signup page. It can be disabled in various ways.
  • Upload space functions have been fixed.
  • The signup form is now hidden from which will help avoid certain types of spamming.
  • Profile page now allows you to select your primary blog.
  • tables are now UTF-8 from the start.
  • If you’re using virtual hosts, the main blog doesn’t live at /blog/ any more.
  • The WordPress importer now assigns posts to other users on a blog.
  • A taxonomy sync script is included in mu- but commented out. It hasn’t been tested much but if your has many hundreds of blogs it might be worth spending some time on a test . Replicate normal traffic patterns and see if the server can cope with the process. If not, then look at the sync script, uncomment it and iterate over all your blogs with a script.

Those features gives me reason to upgrade WordPress MU-powered sites I maintain. If you follow my blog, you probably had heard that all Asia Blogging Network channel domains (14 domains!) uses WordPress MU. For the first step, I think I will dig the features first, checking the template tags (I hope all current template tags are compatible with WPMU latest version), checking plugin compability, and finally… upgrading. I hope I can finish all the work within this week.

Dot Earth by NYTimes.com

Dot Earth NYTimes
NYTimes.com is known for its blogs. They just launched another blog called “Dot Earth”. This new blog is written by Andrew C. Revkin — a science reporter for The New York Times — and it’s dedicated to examining the growing human impact on the planet’s health.

By 2050 or so, the world population is expected to reach nine billion, essentially adding two Chinas to the number of alive today. Those billions will be seeking food, water and other resources on a planet where, scientists say, humans are already shaping climate and the web of life. In Dot Earth, reporter Andrew C. Revkin examines efforts to balance human affairs with the planet’s limits. Supported in part by a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, Mr. Revkin tracks relevant news from suburbia to Siberia, and conducts an interactive exploration of trends and ideas with readers and experts. (source)

Rainy Season and Electricity Problem

It’s raining now. It’s a good thing to have rain here. In the last few months, it was hot, really hot in . At least I can get more friendly weather. The problem is, I live in an unlucky area. I do not know the real problem, but I think it’s because the electricity network in my area is not that good. Not only in rainy season, during the normal weather condition, I got many electricity problem. It went out. It just did.
Last night, the electricity went out. I was in the bathroom. Ah! After lighting some candles, I went outside. Going to the street. And, it’s only in my area. It’s not the first time. Whenever there’s an electricity problem, it’s always in my area. I know, some areas had it too. Argghhh!
Is it too much if I want to have a good electricity ? Or, is it only a dream? Oh, well…