Rainy Season and Electricity Problem

It’s raining now. It’s a good thing to have rain here. In the last few months, it was hot, really hot in Jogjakarta. At least I can get more friendly weather. The problem is, I live in an unlucky area. I do not know the real problem, but I think it’s because the electricity network in my area is not that good. Not only in rainy season, during the normal weather condition, I got many electricity problem. It went out. It just did.
Last night, the electricity went out. I was in the bathroom. Ah! After lighting some candles, I went outside. Going to the street. And, it’s only in my area. It’s not the first time. Whenever there’s an electricity problem, it’s always in my area. I know, some areas had it too. Argghhh!
Is it too much if I want to have a good electricity service? Or, is it only a dream? Oh, well…