Sad but true

Diterima di ITB Malah Kebingungan. (Sebuah artikel) Hhmm…


Throwing Tables Out the Window. Why not? (An article by Douglas Bowman).

Technorati redesigned

Technorati has a new face. (via Matt).

Spicy Words

What is it? In the ancient time, they sailed to the archipelago for spicy things. It is about Indonesia, in English. Ikhlasul Amal shares his writings. Great!

Human Cloning… Mmm…

Japanese Council Approves Human Cloning

Puty di lantai 7

Lagi di lantai 7, dan katanya nyari gebetan. — I like reading her stories. You?

Work in progress

Alun David Bestor’s folio. Oouch! Super!

Quoted and plugged

Just quoted from what I saw, I read, and I feel.

  • I say, “I do not like target="_blank"
  • Benny Chandra’s Refresh.
  • Go to Web Page Analyzer, and put … Now, I know what the browsers should load.
  • Nien is back, and Thara too!
  • Learning CSS by Asterisk* (Got the link via Avianto)
  • Face the RTFM. It is up to you to have Fvcking, , and/or Favourite. It is good not only for your health, but others’ too.
  • When I type this, WDCREEZZ.COM has 515 members.
  • We (Avianto, Iamal and I) talked about this sentence in bahasa , “Mayat itu mengaku.“. Yes, we talked about Bahasa Indonesia last night. If “mengaku” means “confess / making a confession”, it will be so scary. (Heeee… saya mayat loh)