Quoted and plugged

Just quoted from what I saw, I read, and I feel.

  • I say, “I do not like target="_blank"
  • Benny Chandra’s Refresh.
  • Go to Web Page Analyzer, and put http://jkt1.detik.com/index.htm … Now, I know what the browsers should load.
  • Nien is back, and Thara too!
  • Learning CSS by Asterisk* (Got the link via Avianto)
  • Face the RTFM. It is up to you to have Fvcking, , and/or Favourite. It is good not only for your health, but others’ too.
  • When I type this, WDCREEZZ.COM has 515 members.
  • We (Avianto, Iamal and I) talked about this sentence in bahasa , “Mayat itu mengaku.“. Yes, we talked about Bahasa Indonesia last night. If “mengaku” means “confess / making a confession”, it will be so scary. (Heeee… saya mayat loh)

Added later (July 15, 2004)
I got an information at Matt’s site (He is a lead developer of WordPressYahoo! blocks Ping-o-Matic pings). If you’re using , you can use their Update Services via Ping-O-Matic!
So, if you use WordPress, and want Ping-o-Matic send pings to , would you mind sharing your ‘wish’. For me, Ping-o-Matic has a nice of .

3 replies on “Quoted and plugged”

..alid is come.. *emang sapa gua ya?*..kekeke…
wdcreez.. hm.. yang bikin susah, delay nya itu lho!.. ga nanggung.. harus nunggu sampe 5 menit.. sapa tahan.. sementara waktu terus berjalan.. biaya warnet makin naek.. *??*..
btw, mo kasih comment di site elu ini harus pake security code ya.. keren juga!

Delay 5 menit itu juga salah satu hal yang membuat layanan tersebut masih bisa bertahan… paling tidak sampai saat ini…
Security Code, untuk para spammer yang pernah datang dengan sangat riang gembira… huhuhuh

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