Quoted and plugged

Just quoted from what I saw, I read, and I feel.

  • I say, “I do not like target="_blank"
  • Benny Chandra’s Refresh.
  • Go to Web Page Analyzer, and put http://jkt1.detik.com/index.htm … Now, I know what the browsers should load.
  • Nien is back, and Thara too!
  • Learning CSS by Asterisk* (Got the link via Avianto)
  • Face the RTFM. It is up to you to have Fvcking, Funny, and/or Favourite. It is good not only for your health, but others’ too.
  • When I type this, WDCREEZZ.COM has 515 members.
  • We (Avianto, Iamal and I) talked about this sentence in bahasa Indonesia, “Mayat itu mengaku.“. Yes, we talked about Bahasa Indonesia last night. If “mengaku” means “confess / making a confession”, it will be so scary. (Heeee… saya mayat loh)

Added later (July 15, 2004)
I got an information at Matt’s site (He is a lead developer of WordPressYahoo! blocks Ping-o-Matic pings). If you’re using WordPress, you can use their Update Services via Ping-O-Matic!
So, if you use WordPress, and want Ping-o-Matic send pings to Yahoo!, would you mind sharing your ‘wish’. For me, Ping-o-Matic has a nice concept of service.