Weekend … and Telkomsel

Last weekend — Satuday — I involved in an event hold by Telkomsel. I have a teamwork at my small company and we have an opportunity to arrange an event for Telkomsel. So, it was an event “Gelar Gemilang Telkomsel” at Playen, Gunung Kidul. We are responsible as the event organizer. And, it was a big success!
There is a new Telkomsel BTS at Playen. And together with my friend Alma, we were the host. :) In black and red costume. There was also a firework as a part of the entertainment. Overall, it was a great and successful event.
Great to all people in the teamwork: Itok, Fani, Dini, Alma, Yuli, Freddy, Wawan, Chandra, Dodik, Bagus, and some other friends participated in the event. Great teamwork!
The next day, all day with Lala. :)