Few Things You Need to Know About The New Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA)

According to the news, the new Yogyakarta International Airport will be operating in late April 2019. For the first phase, some airlines like Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia Indonesia, and Silk Air will have their inaugural flights.

I will not talk about the controversies, but one thing for sure: there will be a new airport to support the ‘current’ airport that is too small to handle millions of passengers per year.


New Yogyakarta International Airport is located in Kulon Progo Regency. Yes, it’s still in Yogyakarta Special Region. See map below. “So, is near the city center?”, “Is it far from Adisutjipto International airport?”, you may be asking.

I personally haven’t visited this ‘new’ airport. As a citizen who lives not far from city center, — I define Malioboro area as the city center here — New Yogyakarta International Airport is quite far.

In a very normal traffic, I can reach Malioboro area for about 25-30 minutes by car. Referring to Google Maps, the distance between Adisutjipto Airport and Malioboro area (I use Tugu Monument as the point of reference) is around 9-10km.

Leaving for your destination from Adisutjipto should not be difficult also as you can find taxies easily. Or, you can use ride sharing transportation like Go-Jek Indonesia or Grab. If your destination is also available using Trans Jogja bus, it might be a solution also. Even, if you need go to directly to Solo city for example, the train station is just outside the arrival area.

Compared to the above route, the distance from the ‘new’ airport is ‘only’ around 48km (I pick the ‘shortest’ route provided by Google Maps).

How far is the New Yogyakarta International Airport?

If you could not figure out yet how far is the new airport, let’s see some other contexts for comparisons. We will use the distance between Yogyakarta Tugu Monument as the starting point and Google Maps to measure the distance.

So, distance from Yogyakarta Tugu Monument to:

How to get there?

I think Damri as the bus operator will server the route to the new airport, and the train from PT KAI as well. But, I think it will take a little bit time. Renting a car might be little expensive. Taking Go-Car from Go-Jek or Grab is a reasonable option. Conventional metered-taxi, probably. It will cost more, I suppose. I checked the fare for Go-Car and Grab, it is around IDR 180,000-200,000.


The United States Lifts Travel Warning for Indonesia

A good news for Indonesia. The United States govt lifted its travel warning for Indonesia. This decision was taken because of security situation improvements in Indonesia. The Bali blast in 2002 brought Indonesian tourism into dark era. Well, that’s probably not the only reason, but it was a big hit.
So, if this year the goverment of Indonesia has set a target of bringing 7 millions of visitors for its Visit Indonesia Year 2008 programme, it might be a good news. Selamat datang di Indonesia!


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