Bitwarden: Year Two

I just renewed my subscription for the additional one year, after I decided to move to Bitwarden from LastPass last year. It’s simply because it works well, for me.

I’s cross-platform feature works really well. I have its Desktop app (for Mac), apps (both Android and iOS), and the browser extensions, of course.

Paket Masa Aktif Telkomsel

by Pixabay from Pexels

Selain nomor utama dari XL Axiata yang sudah menemani saya lebih dari 20 tahun, saya memiliki memiliki nomor dari provider lain yaitu . Nomor Telkomsel ini, walaupun jarang saya gunakan, tapi sudah digunakan untuk pembuatan akun, atau terhubung dengan beberapa layanan.

Jadi, memastikan bahwa nomor ini selalu dalam masa aktif menjadi penting. Pengisian pulsa secara berkala memang masih saya lakukan, karena belum berpindah ke paska bayar. Ini termasuk apabila kadang harus terhubung ke , dan nomor XL saya bermasalah — walaupun sangat jarang — Telkomsel bisa menjadi alternatif.

Karena memastikan nomor Telkomsel tetap aktif ini jadi lebih penting, akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk membeli layanan tambahan paket masa aktif yang ditawarkan Telkomsel.

Dengan Rp30.000,- saya sudah bisa mendapatkan tambahan masa aktif selama 90 hari. Ada juga sebenarnya paket lain mulai dari Rp2.000 untuk masa aktif 5 hari. Tapi, paket tertinggi yang ditawarkan sepertinya lebih cocok untuk kebutuhan saat ini.

Aktivasi Paket Masa Aktif Telkomsel juga mudah, melalui UMB (USSD Menu ) langsung *500*05# atau *888#. Atau,bisa juga melalui aplikasi My Telkomsel.

Solved: Microsoft AutoUpdate Not Working

I was not sure when AutoUpdate did not work for the first time. I could not update all my Microsoft softwares like , , Power Point, and also as my primary .

Checking available updates always gave me this alert.

After searching for solutions, I found that the easiest way to fix it is by re-downloading Microsoft AutoUpdate (MAU) from Microsoft .

Go directly to Release history for Microsoft AutoUpdate (MAU and download the latest available download. Once I have it installed, I can the available updates

Password Manager: Let’s Give Bitwarden a Chance!

I have been using manager since 2017 since I think there should be an easy, secure, and handy mechanism to deal with passwords. Of course, by using password manager, life is a little bit easier.

And, I chose LastPass. Last year, I still renewed my premium subscription for US$36 per year. works really well, but at the same time I am sure other password manager applications — like 1Password, DashLaneKeeper — share similar quality of . But, it’s about choice.

Most “popular” password manager applications also offer similar subscription price, around US$36/year. My LastPass subscription will end next April, and I am thinking of moving to other that does its basic jobs like storing password (of course!), generating good passwords, and managing credentials in categories/folders. Also, it should be also work on multiple devices and browsers.

After reading many articles, I decided to give Bitwarden a try. And, I read pretty much information about . One of the big differences with other password managers is that Bitwarden is . The other reason is on the pricing. It’s only US$10/year for personal use, or US$40/year for personal (family/organization).

My decision is not related to LastPass’ upcoming plan regarding the limitation for the free since I was a paying customer since day one. According to a blog post:

We’re making changes to how Free users access LastPass across device types. LastPass offers access across two device types – computers (including all browsers running on desktops and laptops) or  devices (including mobile , smart watches, and tablets). Starting March 16th, 2021, LastPass Free will only include access on unlimited devices of one type

LastPass blog: Changes to LastPass Free

From the interface point of view, it’s not that beautiful — at least compared to LastPass. But hey, it’s about the features. As long as it works for me, I am fine with the interface.

About Bitwarden:

  1. Bitwarden official site
  2. Bitwarden on GitHub
  3. Bitwarden apps (desktop, mobile, including CLI)
  4. A detailed review about Bitwarden. CNET has some basic comparisons of multiple password managers.

123RF Verification on Credit Purchase


Disclaimer: This is based on my personal experience. 123RF did not request me to write this article and I’m not endorsed or paid for making this review.

Today, I just decided to purchase some credits under my at since I need to get some images from there. After creating an account, I simply made a purchase. It was a simple process. When I made the my purchase, I was connected to my office . So, I was detected in Singapore while I was physically in Yogyakarta, .

I filled in all billing information. I have been making lots of transactions using my credit cards, and I had most of them succeeded.

When I hit the purchase button, I got a notification saying that a verification process was needed and it would be by calling my phone number. I waited for the next few minutes. But, I didn’t get any phone call (on my mobile number).

So, I decided to contact 123RF from its Live Chat feature. So, I provided the customer staff with my invoice number and some basic information about my order and account. The customer service staff informed me to make verification process based on the instruction sent to my . She also requested my mobile number again and I gave her my numbers.

I replied the email with the information about my full name, account information, and my home address. I provided all the information based on my credit card information. No credit card number of verification number provided during this process.

In the next few seconds, I got a phone call from 123RF. She introduced herself as Jessica from 123RF, and she was using Bahasa Indonesia. She asked me for some details about my order and the situation that I made an order  from Singapore (while my address is in Yogyakarta, Indonesia). Of course, I was more than happy to give the best answer. Then, she told me that she would be back to work on my order.

After few minutes, I got another call from her telling that the credit was already under my account. I checked directly by refreshing my , and the credit was there.

Overall, I had a good experience on my first credit order. I know that each companies — when it comes to or — has its own standard of the payment or security. 123RF has its own verification process. Based on my experience just now, 123RF made the verification simple enough.

How to remove My Browser Bar

On my — running on OS X El Capitan (10.11.5), I just remove the Spigot folder located under /Users/thomasarie/Library/Application Support/. There are three files there: ApplicationManager, [email protected], and [email protected].

Dear Yahoo! Mail, how are you?

There is a fact that Yahoo! Mail is probably one of my first providers. Not sure about the exact date I created my , but I think it was in 2000’s. It was the time when was so popular, had lots of , and interesting products. Probably, it was also because that there were not many alternatives. Yahoo! was a good choise.
But, it has been years. Many services — not only email — come and go. But, when we jump to the world, everybody will get an email. Not only about the very basic (sending and receiving email), but email service should be build better, answering what users need. What internet users really need.
Let’s not forget also about some other services. launched its Gmail in April 2004 (so, it has been 8 years). Recently, Microsoft re-launched its Hotmail as Every service tries to make improvements for its users to deliver the best product and features for them. This is how Yahoo! Mail inbox looks like.

If you have a Yahoo! Mail account, just try to login and see yourself. What do you think? Well, what do I think? And, why I’m writing this post, anyway? If I don’t like it, why should I write about it? Isn’t it easier to just leave it?

Welcome, YouTube Indonesia!

Isn’t nice when YouTube Official blog post an article using Bahasa Indonesia for its subject? Well, I know… it’s only a title. Yes, just announced that they launched its new for . It’s

If you open on your , you will be redirected to So, is it only a matter of having YouTube in Bahasa Indonesia? I think it’s not.
By having “Indonesia” under location list (see at the bottom of the page), YouTube homepage will bring more relevant contents from/for audience in Indonesia. It’s like “the local version of YouTube”. Anyway, if we refer to statistics by Alexa, YouTube is ranked on the top 5 sites visited from Indonesia. Among the top 5 list, there are some other like , (search), and also Blogspot. users in Indonesia love YouTube.
On the other hand, it’s a new strategy for YouTube to work together with local providers to bring more contents that target Indonesian internet users. Watch the :

BlackBerry Torch 9860 Sample Photos

I have been using this BlackBerry Torch 9860 (also known as Monza) for about 2 months. So far, I’m enjoying it even I don’t use all . Well, I only use features like BlackBerry Messenger, , , applications, and of course… !
I will not write the whole technical specifications. You can go to GSM Arena, and read the details. About the camera, it’s equipped with 5 MP. I have to say that the quality is not bad at all. When I look at taken using BlackBerry, I usually didn’t expect much on the quality. On this Monza, I’m really impressed. It’s really good.
Here are some photos taken using BlackBerry Torch 9860. All photos are directly uploaded to Flickr without any extra editing processes.

Move The Web Forward

Move The Web Forward — Guide to getting involved with standards and

How To: Install Opera Mobile on Nokia N9

N9 already has a built-in . It’s not the best, but it works. I like having some browsers for my Nokia N9, and currently I have Firefox Mobile and Mobile installed. Both browsers (Firefox Mobile and Opera Mobile) are not available from Ovi Store. If you’re using Symbian for your Nokia, you can . Firefox is not yet supported.
I’m not considering the process as something difficult. Yes, it’s not like the regular installation procedures. It’s my first-time experience too. So far, everything works without any issue at the moment. For Opera Mobile installation, I just follow the installation from Nokia N9 Fans Club. It’s an unofficial , not maintained by Nokia.

Now, let me share a bit about how I installed Opera Mobile. Anyway, my N9 is running MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan with version PR1.1 (20.2011.40-2_PR_005). And, if you’re not familiar with command line, you can continue reading.

Goodbye Google App for BlackBerry

Beginning November 22, 2011, we will end support for the Gmail App for Blackberry (installed native app). Over this past year, we’ve focused efforts on building a great experience in the and will continue investing in this area. Users may continue to use the app, if installed, however it will not be supported by , or available for starting November 22. users can continue to access Gmail through the mobile web app at in their BlackBerry web browser.

Google Apps Blog: Deprecation of Gmail App for BlackBerry — a place to share and play with images. Explore new content created by other users, vote on your favorites, and even make your own remixes with the in- .

Google+ is now available for Google Apps Accounts

Finally, Apps users now can have the full access to Google+ . Previously, if you’re using Google App for your , you need to migrate to other Google account to get the service. I did that already. But now, Google made it available for Google Apps user.
Quoting from Google Enterprise blog:

Starting now you can manually turn on Google+ for your organization. Once Google+ is turned on, your users will just need to sign up at to get started. For customers who use Google Apps for Business or the free version of Google Apps and who have chosen to automatically enable new , Google+ will automatically become available to all of your users over the next several days.*
Google Apps users will have access to the same set of features that are available to every Google+ user, and more. In addition to publicly or with your circles, you’ll also have the option to share with everyone in your organization, even if you haven’t added all of those to a circle.

I don’t use Google+ on daily basis. And since I’m already linked my other Google account to Google+, I am not sure what I need to do with my current Google Apps account. Here are some screenshots about the registration/activation processes.
If you’re already logging in to your Google Apps account from your — opening an for example — you can directly go to or

Since Google+ needs Picasa Web Albums for sharing and Google Talk for chat, you need to link it to you existing Picasa Web Albums.

Flickr for iPhone: Timestamp problem?

I am not sure when this kind of problem appeared for the first time. Not exactly a big problem, but something that does not work well. I’m now using Flickr for iPhone Version 1.4.2 on ( Version: 4.3.5), and so far the primary feature — I consider upload feature as primary feature here — works well. At least, it helps me a lot to upload photos taken using my iPhone directly to Flickr.
I know, there are some other methods that I use like transferring using Image Capture or iPhoto to my and upload them using Flickr Uploadr. I almost never use -to- feature.
Okey, back to the problem.
When I go to “Activity” tab, I see that there are some activities on uploaded photos (new comments, favorited, and added to gallery by other users). But, there is a single activity that should not be there. The latest activity should be on the top — and I think this is what Flickr (for iPhone) exactly want to have. You can see “655 days ago” there. It is a valid activity, and I’ve checked from the web browser.
So, I tweeted about this small issue. I’m not sure how many other Flickr users out there who have the same issue. Karen Yeo (Hi Karen!) came with an idea to re-authorize the application. I did it, but I think I need to be more patient to have it fixed. Is it an issue on the ? Not sure.
I’ll wait.
Update: Oct 13, 2011 04:56 PM (GMT+7)

I’m still curious. I’m now with 5 now. So, I just tried a different approach to see how whether it solved the problem or not.
I logged in using my other and liked my own photo to see whether the “old activity” disappeared or not — considering that they’re displayed by date/time. It didn’t.