Reminder: Google Apps Free Edition Will Support 10 User Accounts

This news was sent by in April 2011. But, I think I have to keep this info also for myself. In short: There are only ten accounts created under a single Google Apps Free account (previously, we can have up to 50 accounts). In last April, Google Apps holder should received an from Google Apps Team informing this changes. Yes, I got some too — since I maintain some accounts using Google Apps:

We recently announced upcoming changes to the maximum number of users for Google Apps. We want to let you know that, as a current customer, the changes will not affect you.
As of May 10, any organization that signs up for a new account will be required to use the paid Google Apps for Business product in order to create more than 10 users. We honor our commitment to all existing customers and will allow you to add more than 10 users to your account for at no additional charge, based on the limit in place when you joined us.

This new will work for accounts created after May 10, 2011. It will not affect existing accounts (created before this new policy). Google offers some flexible pricing scheme. Google for Business pricing and features:

  • $5/user account/month OR $50 / user account / year
  • 25 GB of email /account

I myself only have than five users under my Google Apps account. Considering the , I think the pricing scheme is still reasonable.

Five Simple Steps Books

I think I want these .

And, all books in collection including:

  • A Practical Guide to Designing Systems for the Web by Mark Boulton
  • A Practical Guide to Designing the Invisible by Robert Mills
  • A Practical Guide to Strategic User Experience by Leisa Reichelt
  • Creating Web Content by Relly Annett-Baker
  • Designing Web App Success by Dan Zambonini

SSH login without password using OS X

KeysLately, I need to deal with more login combinations. And, most of them are about logging in to via SSH. I decided to create a simple mechanism rather than having some login combinations written somewhere. Why not remember those logins? Well, too many things to remember.
So, I tried to create an automated system to servers and found this useful tutorial. I tried it on my OS X Snow Leopard, and it works. I put it here for my :

  • From Terminal, run: ssh-keygen -t rsa
  • Copy/add ~/.ssh/authorized_keys:


How To Boost Sales On Facebook (Infographic)

Serabi Solo

Last few weeks ago, I went to my relative’s house in Karanganyar. I had a chance to visit City for about two hours before leaving this city to . Wihout any plans, I stopped at Klewer (one of the biggest traditional markets in Solo City) and tried Serabi Solo. Solo is famous for its Serabi Notosuman, anyway.

While enjoying this serabi, I took some and create a short episode for my . It was unplanned, but I decided to do it fast. I was thinking of having myself talking for few seconds in this video. I was lucky to have my relative with me. So, I asked him to hold the and directed him to hold and use my camera . The result is not super perfect, but I think it’s good enough.

Map of undersea cables from 1901

of undersea cables from 1901 (via Boingboing)