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If you are a , do you have a plan to have these for your blog?

  • You want to build traffic and readership to your blog.
  • You want to send announcement to your blog reader on a certain . Not always related to blog, but information you considered as “important” or “they’d better know about this”.
  • You want your readers to subscribe to your RSS . Once they are subscribed, your readers will received an update directly to their inbox.
  • You want your readers put information you need. Not only email address, but also some other fields e.g. mailing address, city, country, etc.
  • You want to do those things above easily, from a single , from a friendly interface.
  • You want them to be hosted by a , because you do not have your own account.
  • You want to have a professional look.
  • You want to build traffic and readership to your blog.
  • You want to have a report for each feature.

If you want to have something like I mentioned above, you should try Zookoda, blog email. You can get all those features by registering to Zookoda. And, the best thing that it’s free! For its rich features, Zookoda is a blog email. It is a solution for your blog.

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Is it really easy?

Okey, let me give you an example, and you decide whether it is easy or not. Remember, it is only an example.

In the next two months, your first book will be launched. In your blog, you share information about the progress. Your book publisher told you that you will have your book launch event. You want to send newsletter to your readers on all things related to your book.

After registering to Zookoda, you can do this:

  • On the “Mailing List” tab, choose “New Mailing List”. Enter a unique mailing list name e.g. ‘My Book’.
  • Create a subscription form. Go to “Subscription Form” tab, choose “New Form”. Enter some information about mailing list you set up in the previous step.
  • Choose the subscription form layout. You can choose the available templates, or you can create your own.
  • Once you have created your subcription form, in the “Subscription Forms” tab, you should see your form name. Choose the form, and click on the “Scripts” button to get the code you need to put in your .
  • Enjoy!

Isn’t it easy? :)
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