Yahoo! Mail: Verify Password

Before, I almost got no problem with . But not now. When I tried to log in to my Yahoo! Mail, I got this message: Verify your Yahoo! to continue. I put my correct password. But failed.
Next, I went to Yahoo! main page, and there I see that I already signed in. The same happen when I visit My Yahoo!. I tried to use the same password to log in to Yahoo! Messenger. All OK. But not when I tried to open my Yahoo! Mail.
Sigh… I do not know what happens. No idea. Anyone experienced this before? :(
Update: It is back to normal again now. Yeah!

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Cukup banyak, sampe bingng itu invitation mau diapain. Tapi yang Yahoo! email yang sering kepakai. GMail tetep cuman buat mailing list. Huhuhuh…