WP Themes: Umalas and Chipshot

Didats Triadi, an Indonesian designer, released a WordPress theme called Umalas. Great work Didats! When I visited his blog, I found a link to “another Umalas ”. The new theme called ChipShot can be downloaded for free at blogging themes, a free blog template collection.
I downloaded the two templates. I am 10,000% sure that Umalas is originally created by Didats Triadi. When I tried to compare the stylesheet, images, I found that they are too similar, even the names!
Well, you know who the original author of that theme. They are the same, only in different name… –sigh.

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Sudah double check juga. Well…well…well, jadi yg asli yg mana, yg aspal yg mana? Cape deh….

Actually, not only Umalas. Ombax also. But I’ve forgot the links.. hihihi… :D
Padahal, templatenya itu gag bagus2 amat.. kok ya ditiru2in… :D