WordPress 3.0 Installation Process

Today, I tried the upcoming WordPress 3.0 distribution. It’s not yet released. I installed WordPress 3.0 Beta 2. I do this because I want to know whether I will have some WordPress installations upgraded or not, to find the possibilities and considerations.
The installation process is similar to the previous versions, but I think it’s improved now. After you fill in the database information, usually you will need to provide website name/title, and email address. The installation process will create “admin” as the first user, with randomly generated password. Here are some new fields during the installation process.

Better? Better. Previously, I usually modify the “admin” username directly from database manager — I’m using phpMyAdmin. Some people think that it’s a good practice to remove/change the default administrator login in the system. Now, you can have whatever username for the administrator.
Previously, the first thing you will need to do after you have your WordPress installed is changing the randomly generated password, since it’s not easy to remember. Setting up password during installation should be a time saver.
I haven’t dug any other features like the multi-site, custom menus, and other things offered in this distribution. Later.