WordPress 3.3: It looks great!

team just announced that the new version of WordPress is available. It’s WordPress 3.3 “Sonny”. Matt posted some notes about this release. I have WordPress for multi- , and since the previous went smoothly — except some minor issues — I had no reasons not to upgrade. It was easy, just took few seconds.
I like the way WordPress greets me with useful information. You will get information about new . You know what your WordPress installation can do. Nice.

I need some more steps to upgrade since my blog is a network-blog. It took only few extra clicks. When I go to post creation page, I got a tiny ¬†tooltip telling an information about what I can get from this installation. The media uploader is improved now. It’s drag-and-drop now. If you have problem, you can still use the basic uploader. And, it also supports additional files (.rar and .7z).

This is also great for those who wants to start using WordPress because “Help” provides more details about the current page — yes, it’s depending on the context.

If you want to read all details about this WordPress 3.3, go to WordPress Codex. For me, these are some to highlight:

  • Drag-and-Drop Media Uploader
  • Post-update About screen — After upgrading, you know what the new features are.
  • When inserting a Gallery to be ordered by Date/Time use the post_date field for ordering rather than ID