WordPress 3.0 Error: Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance

I have upgraded this blog to WordPress 3.0 not long after it was available for . Everything went without any major issues. I only use it without special hacks. One thing that makes this version a little bit different is that will bring your offline if there is/are something not working. For example, when you’re upgrading your . WordPress will temporarily bring your site under maintenance mode.
If all process were completed, you should be happy. Otherwise, you will need to do some extra works. WordPress will display this kind of message: “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance.” You will be locked out from your admin area. Your will be inaccessible. Solution? Easy. You need to go to login to your webhosting , and remove .maintenance . You can find it in your blog folder — the same location with your wp-config.php.

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Hey, another thanks here. Had a mild panic when site freaked out updating Disqus comments. Was thinking rebuild or something horrific. This made it dead easy. Thanks!