WordPress 2.7, Upgrade, Plugins and Some Other Notes

I just upgrade my blog to WordPres 2.7 stable release, code name “Coltrane”. Since I have been using WordPress 2.7 branch — I only upgraded from WordPress 2.7-RC2 released yesterday. And, the built-in core updater is VERY useful. I took only less than 10 seconds to upgrade. Nice!
wp27-upgrade1 wp27-upgrade2
So, if you’re using WordPress for your blog/website, it is time to upgrade. You’ll love it. :) As usual, if you do not want to take risk, backup your database first. Just in case you want to go back to your “current” WordPress version. After that, get WordPress 2.7. Anyway, related to this new version, if you have time, there are some notes. At least, these are for me. It might work for you too.

  • The major dashboard redesign. That’s right, the dashboard interface has a new design interface now. I like it. You can read some details about the new interface at WordPress 2.7 release news.
  • has a list of 10 things you need to know about WordPress 2.7.
  • After the upgrade, check the plugin list. If there are updates available, it’s recommended to upgrade.
  • I deactivated some plugins after jumped to WordPress 2.7 because those plugins are available in the core now — or replaced by new features. Here are some plugins I removed: Manageable, Dashboard Editor.
  • If you want to install some new plugins, try the plugin installer.
  • I love the “Quick Edit” feature!
  • For my WordPress installation, I almost have no plugin issues. All plugins I use work great. BUT, if you have a this-plugins-must-be-installed list, check about the plugin compability.
  • There might be some changes on the templates. One of them I notice is about the comment-related template. Using WordPress 2.7, we can easily close comments automatically after certain periods e.g. for articles older than 300 days. Check your “Discussion Settings” page.
  • Don’t forget also that threaded (nested) comments and comment paging can be easily done in this version.
  • Last but not least, after the upgrade, it is always good to check every single page on the dashboard. :)

Great job WordPress developers!

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