WordPress 2.6 Upgrades

Today, WordPress 2.6 is available with code name “Tyner”. You can read what features shipped in this version at blog. I have been following WordPress 2.6 since the beta from Sub Version, and it looks good. So, I upgraded my WordPress install right away. The process — from WP 2.5.1 — was smooth, without any issues. If you not using the latest version, it’s time to upgrade.
Probably, there are few things to consider before upgrading like plugin and compability. I was there too. If you have that are not supported in the latest version, and you need them so bad, you probably need to wait until the patches are available. Luckily, I have all installed plugins work great here. If you’re still not sure, please do a complete upgrade mechanism: Backup everything. Not only the , but also the entire WordPress files. It should not be difficult.
After upgrading, I made some adjustments on the settings. For example, the Remote Publishing Settings, and let’s not forget about some other features. If you haven’t touch your wp-config.php files, there are some other settings managed from the file like Post Revisions and some definition settings. Anyway, WordPress 2.6 has full support of SSL in the core and it has the ability to force SSL for security. Read Ryan Boren‘s post about SSL and Cookies in WordPress 2.6.
So far, my favorites are the Gears for faster browsing experience and Press This. The “Press This” is really smart!

For example, if you click “Press This” from a Youtube page it’ll magically extract the video embed code, and if you do it from a Flickr page it’ll make it easy for you to put the in your post.

If you like posting short entries in your blog while browsing, make your life easier by this feature. Just drag the link — you can find it on the entry creation page — to your toolbar. Want to try it? Download WordPress 2.6 now.

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