WordPress 2.2.3 and WordPress MU 1.2.5

Are you WordPress user? These are some info for you. Last week — I know, it’s probably an old news — WordPress 2.2.3 had been released. This includes some bug fixes and issues (see the closed bugs).
If you’re running an older version, download it and upgrade your .
Another release is related to WordPress MU. The latest WordPress MU distribution (1.2.5) released for public on September 10, 2007.
I maintain some WordPress-powered sites, and I am thinking of upgrading all of them this weekend. I hope everything will go smoothly.

6 replies on “WordPress 2.2.3 and WordPress MU 1.2.5”

You : Are you WordPress user?
Kus : nggg …..no, I am NOT.
You : I know, it’s probably an old news ..
Kus : Yes off course, but so what?
You : Nothing, just want to tell you all that last week WordPress 2.2.3 had been released. This release includes some bug fixes and security issues. Well yeah you can see the closed bugs…
Kus : Wait ….. this mean if I a WordPress user I need to upgrade my installation , right?? :(
You : Exactly. :)
Kus : it’s free..?
You : Yes, it’s free. You can download it for free. Download and install it. After that you can read the manual on how to “ upgrade your WP installation“.
Kus : Its Big.. ?
You : No, you can download it in few minutes.
Kus : nggg … I think I need to update my antivirus first, before update WP.
You : Fine then. You can download it first, and you can install it tomorrow.
Kus : Can you send me the installer to my email address?
You : ……..

Kusaeni, haha!
Where to download WordPress?
Kus: http://textpattern.com
Is it free? Big file size? Easy to install?
Kus: Yes, no, and yes.
But, big file size is not a problem for me, I have more than enough webhosting storage.
Kus: Textpattern will be great for you.
But… I have other things to consider.
Kus: Ssshhhh! Textpattern is the best.