Wishlist: Twitter released a new feature called 'Mute'

Sound control (by orangescale)I tweeted a Twitter wishlist. I want to see a new feature called “Mute” on Twitter. So, why I want to have this, or how it should be useful for user (at least for me)? Here’s a situation:

I follow some on . I follow them because I know them well — have a personal relationship like friend. They’re actually a nice person. But, sometime they’re annoying. Or for whatever reason they’re just flood my timeline with something I don’t really care about. They might do this in a certain period. I like their updates, but sometime I don’t. I don’t want to block or unfollow them because some people will put it into something personal. It might break something.

So, rather than blocking them, I want to hide their updates from my timeline. It’s like “I want certain people I follow do not appear in my timeline”.

“You’re stupid! There is a feature called ‘Unfollow’. There’s also ‘Block this user’!

I know. But,’Mute’ is a little bit different. It’s simply like ‘filtering timeline’. Not permanently so that I can put some muted users back to my timeline. This feature will not killing the appears when I follow someone — or someone follows me. They’re not blocked. They’re just muted. So, when two Twitter users are following each other, they’re still have all features. They still can send/receive direct messages each other. They don’t have to receive a notification when someone is unfollowing and then following back.

“Unfollow them and put them on a list/group!”

This might work, but again this is more like grouping some Twitter users into a list. It might work when I don’t want to use Twitter as communication tool. When some people on Twitter don’t want to see my updates in their timelines, they can simply mute me.

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i think this is the main problem: gak enakan? hehe.
mute, IMHO, is a little bit ‘hypocrite’. because mute and unfollow have the similar result: u don’t see their timeline.. for whatever reasons. hehe.
so i think… if they’re annoying just unfollow them
or just accept that flooded timeline :)
it’s shallow if someone breaks their relationship just because follow and unfollow in twitter.
just my two cents :)

I was hoping they would do something with the lists. I would love to create a list of ppl I look at every now and then. Their tweets just show in that list and not my main timeline. I have a few ppl I follow who tweet way too much.