Why I do not put a blogroll in this weblog?

I got some request for a link exchange in my weblog. Some people asked me to put a link in my weblogs. Since I do not have a section called “blogroll”, I can’t do that. I have some reasons not to put a blogroll-like in my weblogs:

  • There are too many blogs. It might be different in 2002. At that time, Indonesian bloggers were not as many as we have now.
  • I can’t guarantee that all links are valid. Some bloggers change their web addresses.

Those are my main reasons. It does not mean that I do not visit other blogs. In fact, I read many blogs. I have hundreds of feeds in my RSS reader. I read aggregators. I am a blogger. I am a blog reader.



  1. I don’t have it in my blog since I started it :)
    Reason? Just like sufehmi said, it’s very time-consuming
    I also remove links section for similar reason

  2. i have it on my blog
    but never really use it :P
    i was thinking about erasing it since there are so many new blogs i found. they’re all good, but if i put all of them on my blogroll, then my sidebar will be very very long :D

  3. Yes, the main reason is that it there are to many blogs. I just do not want to answer this kind of questions, “Can you put my blog into your blogroll?”. I just can’t imagine how my site will look like if I put 100 links in my sidebar.
    It does not mean that I do not respect other bloggers… it’s just too many.

  4. hehe blog is completely personal thing, belongs to a person or individual which is nothing to do with somebody else like, say, institution. so, any decision on one’s blog is completely personal. either agree or disagree with link-or-not-to-link stuff it should be respected. including, in this case, your decision to do so. :)

  5. Jreeeeeng… sakjane aku yo gak pati seneng nggae blog rolling, cuman mesakno konco2 sing wis ngelink blogku…. dadi nek sempat yo tak link sisan hehehehe…
    met kenal mas thomas….

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