When Your Flickr Pro Account Expired

I decided to leave my Flickr Pro account expired for some moments. I know, it’s probably not a good decision. What does my Flickr look like right now? What happens to an expired account? At least, I know the answers. Here are few things I found:
flickr exp 2

  • Flickr free account limits apply now for my account.
  • There are only 200 last photos displayed. But, this number means all your last uploaded photos. For example, if you have 90 private photos — among those 200, unregistered visitors/contact will only see 90. Get the math?
  • Free account can only have 3 sets, right? But, when you were Pro users, and downgraded to free user, you still have more than 3 accounts. I have more than 80 sets (public and private). My Flickr photostream only displays 12 sets, and 17 sets when I logged in.
  • Flickr misses expired Flickr Pro accounts. :)

Okey, will upgrade my Flickr account later since I’m still enjoying videoblogging right now. :)