When your blog hosted at get suspended

Luthfi Assadad’s blog, hosted at has been suspended. Why?

I just read what Harry Sufehmi wrote on his blog. It is about Luthfi Assadad’s blog which was suspended. His blog is hosted by It’s back now.
In his email, Lutfi found that he got his blog suspended. Then, he tried to login, but failed. After resetting the password (which worked fine), he could log in to his control panel. But, he did not see his blog again. In short, it has been suspended (and terminated). account suspended
This is bad. Really bad situation. Lutfi had no idea about the reason(s) why he got this blog suspended. It is said that his blog broke the Terms of Service. But, which terms? I do not know Lutfi personally. So, I am not sure about what Lutfi wrote in his blog. And, if Lufti did break the TOS, then it is not’s fault. WordPress is famous for its features, easiness, and community supports. I am sure that they do this (suspending an account) for a reason. And, it must be a good reason.
I jumped into #wordpress IRC chat room. And I passed the situation there. Then I got a to FAQ: My blog has been suspended. It is said that:

Blogs are suspended if they are found to be in breach of the TOS.
We do not contact you first to ask that content be modified or removed.
You cannot have that blog name back.
You cannot have the blog content back.
We take the TOS very seriously and act on every feedback we get to check out possible breaches.
We want to be a pleasant and safe environment for all our users.

In short, if your blog hosted at WordPress is gone… it means gone.
Added later: There is a discussion thread over WordPress Support forum about this. You can try to search using “suspended” as the keyword for more threads.
Update: His blog is back. You can read his entry.

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kalo ngeliat cache gugle terlampir diatas tadi,
kaya’nya si lutfi ini menggukanan suatu cara sehingga traffic nya naek.. dan ini terdeteksi oleh wordpress. dan karena cara tersebut tidak wajar, makanya dianggap melanggar TOS
(cuma analaisis tanpa bukti :P )�

is there any solution for Luthfi?
I think there is nothing solution for Luthfi, Luthfi is only need to get laid badly, Luthfy is only need to get off, get out and talk with the tress or something same as under these line.
Pindah deh , beli domain , bayar hosting , dan pakai Textpattern. Ayoo LUth!
*PS : ngiklan dikit , gak ngelanggar TOS disini kan kang?

In the end, how did he get his blog (and contents I presume) back? Sorry, I dont understand Indonesian, so I could not his blog entry on the matter. Thanks