When Googlebot comes

Does Googlebot come to your ? What is Googlebot? Googlebot is ’s web-crawling robot. It collects documents from the web to build a searchable index for the engine. (as quoted from http://www.google.com/bot..
A nice post at scriptygoddess about Get an when Google visits written by Jayant Kumar Gandhi – http://wirez.f2o.org/coffee-house/. If you’re interested, why don’t you continue reading?
Updated July 18,2003:
Well, it works! Googlebot crawled my site.

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wah gue koq gak ketangkep ya goggle bot nya mampir..
ntar iseng ah nyontek :D
*nyontekk truuusss

It doesn’t have any relation with this post, pardon me. I just seen a cool side from you with this greeny layout. Keep on! :)

yeah the green layout looks nice.. anyway googlebot crawls my site everyday. I believe googlebot is my favourite visitor since I don’t have much visitor on my blog ..

snydez: it works on mine, yours? / kotakpensil: thanks / wpram: hey! i’m your visitor too. :D About the googlebot, But I have to receive more emails erggh! So, am I googlebot’s fav. ? LOL

Hi Thomas, William, dkk. :) (oh ya Thomas thank you for linking me from your site)
Minta tolong donk, boleh kasi tips ga on how to get Googlebot to crawl your website? I’ve been trying to get Google to crawl my site for eons. But without much success I think. I’ll read up on the link that Thomas provided in this post, but any other additional thoughts?

I’m back here! I think about the Googlebot, check your META Tag. And be patient. :) And I think it will work also if you submit your site to some directory indexes. Try it!

I thought Google ignores metatags but instead indexes your web pages based on the keywords that you use throughout your content?
Oh I’ve been very patient alright. But I’ve also noticed something: Google seems to prefer indexing pages that seem static, like *.htm, *.html dsb. I’ve tried to minimize using dynamic pages on my ASP pages in hopes that I will be indexed more properly and faster. What say you?

Well, it’s gonna be a long discussion, I have opened a new topic about this. So, can we talk about this at warnadunia.wisnu.net ? I think it will be a nice topic to discuss I’m still curious also, trust me. :)