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After Feedburner offered their MyBrand (and TotalStats) features for free, I contacted for MyBrand feature activation. And today, I got an informing that it has been enabled for my accounts. I sent my request on July 5th and I got this feature activated today, July 7th. Thank you Google!
To use this feature, you need to have access to your records. The only thing you need to do (after having this feature enabled) is add a new CNAME for your domain. I want to use something like instead of So, I add a new record for my domain:

feeds CNAME

If you want something other than e.g., you only need to change the feeds.
Everything should work now. About this MyBrand feature, you need to know first that:

  • You need to have access to your domain DNS management. If not, contact your hosting provider/domain registrar.
  • If you have CNAME functionality, both addresses will work. You can have two feeds ; they are the same. This CNAME is for redirection.
  • You can add up to 5 domains in your MyBrand page feature (for every single Feedburner ).
  • Yor branded addresses are based on your feed address generated from Feedburner. So:
    • will be
    • will be
    • will be

I personally love this feature. If you want it too, just make a request. If you think this feature is useless, because the original feed URL looks good for you, you have the option not to use this feature.

2 replies on “Using MyBrand Feed URL by Feedburner”

nice, but I think i can not implemented it on my home. I have not CName functions enabled.
need ask first to web hosting provider.
Thanks Gog