Twitter is now available in Bahasa Indonesia

Finally, users are now able to have Twitter’s interface in Bahasa ! Indonesia is available as the 11th options. I think this is  a good move since Twitter is getting more popular in Indonesia. According to the last year, Indonesia was the top contributing countries after the United States and Japan. And, both languages (Dutch and Bahasa Indonesia) are the first languages translated by the community through Twitter Translation Center.

For a complete list, Twitter is now available in: Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, English, Korean, French, Dutch, Russian, German, Japanese. You can choose the language settings from Account menu tab.

2 replies on “Twitter is now available in Bahasa Indonesia”

Bagus deh…kita gak bisa Inggris…. kurikulum di Indonesia emang idiot, makanya mayoritas orang indonesia gak bisa bahasa inggris