Troubleshooting: SoftException in Application.cpp:544

When I had problem with WordPress installation, it was about WordPress Admin Area (Dashboard) Redirect Loop, I got the solution. Today, I experienced different problem. Still related to WordPress.
Okey, I’m not going to tell you that the problem only happens for WordPress. It might happen for other platforms or applications. Read on the details, you’ll know what I mean.
When I enter WordPress dashboard (admin area), I got 404 error page. It seems that the wp-admin folder does not exist. But, it’s there. I told Lala about this, and she reminds me that I’m not the one who got this problem. (see WordPress Support Forum thread for details).
So, I checked the error log. If you’re using cPanel for your hosting account, you should find the error log there. And, I got this:

[Tue Dec 30 09:20:18 2008] [error] [client] SoftException in Application.cpp:544: Directory "/home/username/public_html/somefolder" is writeable by group

Okey, it’s about SoftException in Application.cpp:544. I searched for answer using Google, and I found a useful answer.

As the message says, the specified foldername has been made writable by group.
That suggests that your server’s apache configuration doesn’t allow you to make folders writable by group.
ie: you’ve got the wrong permissions set on one or more folders.
Check with your hosting company to find out what permissions you’re allowed to set.

The answer is not related to WordPress issue, but it’s a solution for the same problem. So, I checked the wp-admin folder permission again. It was 777. Okey, I changed it into 755… and voila! Problem solved.
Okey, everything is working great now. It’s a new lesson for me :)


  1. yaya.. never ever leave directory with 777 permission unless you know what the risk is. it is a very bad idea (and habit?).

  2. Thank you so much Mate… you actually saved another day of mine .. otherwise I would have wasted so much of my time on the word press forums..

  3. Thanks a lot mate, I’ve been banging my head off a wall for ages trying to fix an issue which had cropped up out of “nowhere” and had destroyed the site’s Ajax and CAPTCHA functionality. Thought the issue was with WordPress’s htaccess rewriting but was digging into a log error and this popped up – Saved the Day!

  4. Unfortuantely I have done this over and over and still not working correctly :/ I changed my .htaccess file to executable and NO IDEA why this seems to work temporarily, but it usually ends up having the issue again after a few clicks.

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