Trojan for Firefox: Trojan.PWS.ChromeInject.A

Here are a news about trojan from — a . It is identified by BitDefender.

BitDefender has identified this new bit of holiday cheer as Trojan.PWS.ChromeInject.A” (the ChromeInject suffix refers to the Chrome component of Firefox). The trojan installs itself into Firefox's add-on directory, registers itself as Greasemonkey, and begins searching your hard drive for passwords, login details, your World of WarCraft information, and your library card number.
Please note, this trojan is not actually the Greasemonkey add-on, and only identifies itself as such. has confirmed that the official Greasemonkey contained within Mozilla's own extension repository (and available here) is malware-free. If you're currently using Greasemonkey or are interested in doing so, there's no reason to avoid the legitimate add-on at this time, so long as you it from Mozilla's page or an equally trusted source.

What does this trojan do?

Once installed, the trojan is capable of identifying over 100 web sites. When an infected user visits a the trojan recognizes, the parasite comes to life and records the login/ details being transmitted. Presumably it then goes back to sleep, quietly keeping an eye on further system activity.

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Does this affect Firefox users other than Windows..any info any one? FF is used on Macs, Linuxes etc as well. And is this for all versions of FF? All would use Javascript…so could this be a cross platform virus…I bet it is Windows only.