Topify, A Much Better Twitter Notification Email System

I think I forgot when I joined (got invitation) to try Topify and started using it. Until now, Topify is really useful. It’s a timesaver! Topify is a simple service that will send notification (by email), and it’s related to Twitter. Two important keywords: Twitter and email account.
Sometime, we got notification from Twitter when other Twitter users start following us. Or, if we receive direct message. Is it good? It is. But, what can we do with the email we receive? What’s next?
Previously Twitter sends email notification in flat text. The notification only provides some basic details like Twitter username, real name, and link to Twitter profile page. The last thing is a link to our Twitter dashboard page to modify the notification settings.
Recently, Twitter provides more details, and it’s in HTML format. It includes these following details when we have a new follower:

  • Link to new follower’s Twitter profile page,
  • Number of followers,
  • Number of updates, and
  • How many people our new follower follows

When we receive a direct message, we will also get information about the sender and link to reply. I use Topify to handle my Twitter-related email notification. And, I’m satisfied. How?

After we connect our Twitter account to Topify service, the fun begins. I got almost a same notification — just like what Twitter sent, but with more details and more useful “what’s-next-thing-you-want-to-do” things. For example, when I get a new follower, Topify will send me an alert with these details:

  • Twitter username and real name
  • Some statistics
  • User’s Twitter profile
  • Last updates

This is how the notification email look like:
The last feature addition is that the number of followers (and how many people he/she follows) is included in the email subject. How is it useful? For me, to decide whether I must follow or block.
In my previous paragraph, I mentioned about “what’s next”. The email Topify sent is still useful, because we can do some actions directly by replying it to follow back or block (without going to Twitter’s website).
When receiving a direct message, we can reply, unfollow and block the sender directly from email.
Now, if you want to use this service, you can request an invite or go to to get invites.