Those sites keep me busy!

Social networking sites raise everyday — well, not everyday actually — but there are many (too many!) services there. I joined some like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Friendster. When I had my friends invited me, I ignored most invitations. Sorry. It does not mean that I do not appreciate — or do not want to be connected — but, it’s more about me.
I only have 24 hours a day. Doing my works. Having my “real” social-life. And, I have a not-too-friendly internet access. Opening those social networking sites take time. What made it even worst is that I have to deal and spend my time checking the messages, friend requests, bulletin boards, applications.. you name them! When I joined those service, the first thing came up on my mind was that I want to connect with people I really know. Not just for a competition to have as many contacts as possible. There are some pending requests, messages, applications, etc. I just leave them. Most of them because I do not even know the people there. “Someone wants to be connected, but I don’t even know him/her”. So, what for?

I do not want to be mean, but… it’s annoying. Another situation? Okey, once… someone was angry at me because I did not reply his message. He even contacted me, just to told me that he left me a message. And you know what, he left the message using the “send message” feature in those services. The “best” part is that he know my site and my real email address.
Okey, there is also a notification feature so that I can be informed when there are things I should notify, e.g. notification when I have someone send me a message. BUT, if I want to read the message, I need to visit those sites. Wasting time!
Sometime, I logged in to those service. But when there are too many things to do there… I just simply signed out. I can do that later…
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awalnya aku coba meng-approve orang2 yang memang aku kenal. Lama-lama kok tambah banyak aja yang musti tak liat identitasnya… akhirnya sekarang juga terbengkalai… :D

aku sih asal punya ajah. friendster punya. FB ada. LinkdIn ada. tapi gak pernah aku urusin dengan serius. paling nggak kalo ada temen yang cari namaku di situs-2 itu, mereka bisa menemukan aku. kemudian ya blogging saja yang aku sering otak-atik.

In My Humble Opinion (IMHO)
I like join many social networking sites like you’ve said. The most purpose that I want is I can get GF ;)
Maybe for someone who already has couple, it’s not really important again.
Sometimes it can waste time especially for read messages, bulletin that not important for us at all.
Mostly it happen to grown up teenager (ABG) who always post junk bulletin that contain their narcism (huh…)
But if someone wants to be my friend I never reject it even a man.
Actually I have meet someone from Friendster and I guess she doesn’t like me. Ya that’s girl… always wants perfect man (like in Simple Plan’s song yah)
It’s my Friendster Profile :
Something that I hate from FS is the often error. Especially to open the HOME page. The loading takes a long time but sometime I can enter another person’s profile too!
Maybe he/she forgot to log out.
But sometime I forgot too because I cant wait for their bad connection.

Avianto, hehehe… right.. :)
Deny, bener… mendingan ngoprek blog deh… hehehe
Hedi, beberapa service lain cuma sekadar pengen liat saja mas fiturnya, siapa tau ada yang bisa dipelajari… Dari sekian banyak akun yang saya punya, hanya beberapa saja yang aktif (diurusin).
Pitra, betul. Ditambah lagi dengan forward bulletin… howahhh!
Pujiono, sama mas…
Deddy, iya, semakin banyak yang ‘belum pernah ketemu’ atau ‘tidak satu siapa dia’, makin males saja untuk check-check…

Untuk situs2 sosialisasi, MySpace terutama, tu sudah beredar sekian varian software untuk memperbanyak teman sekaligus memasarkan produk. Emg lumayan juga klo di situs2 itu kita bisa jualan. Tapi ya repot juga bagi kebanyakan yg lain.