Themes for Google Chrome

When I heard about Google Chrome, I downloaded right away. Even now I have it installed, but I do not use it for daily work. Mozilla Firefox and Opera are still on my top list.
If you’re using Chrome and you want to have different looks, there are some Google Chrome themes available to download. I haven’t tried to install a theme yet. Maybe later. Anyway, if you want to use some other themes, do not forget to install XChrome. What is XChrome?

XChrome is a theme manager for Googles Chrome browser, it allows users to install a skin in seconds without having to move default.dll around and it allows you to view the author and various other details before installing.
XChrome also allows users who do not have XChrome install to install themes by double clicking the themes .exe file, they are prompted to install the theme, they agree the theme is copied to Chromes Default.dll

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