Telkom blocked more sites

A sad news for in who use , including bloggers. Few days ago, some people reported that was blocked from their internet providers. Telkom Indonesia as the largest internet provider in Indonesia followed the action. According to the news release (in Bahasa Indonesia) blocked these following sites (including providers):

  • Youtube
  • MySpace
  • Metacafe
  • Rapidshare
  • Multiply
  • Liveleak
  • Themovief****.com

Sad, really sad. There is no further information about how long this situation will happen. Anyway, about the reason: those sites are blocked because it contains articles/posts about a . One thing we have to remember is that: only because of a single content material. Too bad. Anyway, Boy Avianto has a very great article about the issue.

6 replies on “Telkom blocked more sites”

selalu sangat reaktif…
dan biasanya ngga berjalan lama
hangat-hangat tahi ayam :p
semoga yang ini juga
btw, selain youtube masih bisa mbuka…
ckckck… dagelan…

wah pasti yg pake isp nya telkom makin kenceng ya :D
lha kebanyakan user nya kan ngakses youtube, myspace, rapidhsre, multiply,dll itu… mantab …ck ck ck.
Tapi kasian deh yang punya personal homepage di myspace & multiply, jadi memble… ya… udah waktu nya punya domain sendiri deh ya … kaya gw punya … hihiih :D

Negeri Ini kenapa tidak mau belajar yaa… dan kalaupun mau belajar pada cara dan buku yang salah… celakanya pada sumber yang sering salah juga….
Ah jadi Salah Tingkah :D

I think the situation is much better now. The blocking mechanism had been changed. It’s the single URL instead of the whole site.
About the providers, well… there was an official letter from the govt about this blocking. So… it was official.