TED Talks video subtitles

I like watching TED Talks videos. And, I have downloaded lots of videos from TED website. Actually, it’s okey if I watch them without subtitles. But, with subtitles I think it’s much better. The question is: is it easy to get the subtitles? The answer is: not that difficult to get it. But of course, not all videos having subtitles in multiple languages. English is more than enough, I think.

I came across to TED Talk Subtitle Download website and it’s easy to use, to get the subtitles needed. Enter TED Talk video URL and hit the “Download” button. If subtitles are available, just download which subtitles you want.
I’m using VLC on my Mac, and lots of my TED Talk videos now have subtitles. Watching the talks is more enjoyable right now. Time to get more subtitles!