Trans7 On The Spot: Cari di YouTube, Tayangkan!

Sebenarnya saya cukup jarang menonton siaran televisi lokal. Selain karena memang saya lebih suka melihat tayangan melalui internet seperti di YouTube, Vimeo, atau sekadar membaca berita. Akhir-akhir ini saya kadang menikmati hiburan melalui Netflix, walaupun belum genap satu bulan dapat diakses oleh pengguna internet di Indonesia, Netflix sudah dalam status diblokir oleh Telkom Indonesia sebagai penyedia layanan internet yang saya pakai. Siaran televisi lokal sendiri memang ada beberapa yang kadang saya tonton seperti acara Kick Andy di MetroTV. Walaupun, kadang memang secara acak saja saya nyalakan televisi, atau melihat karena misalnya di rumah ada yang sedang menonton.

Dan, tak jarang beberapa acara televisi hanya berisi tentang kompilasi berita yang sumbernya juga dari internet. Benar, memang kalau dilihat dari sisi jumlah penonton, banyak yang mungkin belum melihat informasi yang salah satu sumbernya adalah internet. Dan, karena konten video adalah konten utama dari acara televisi, YouTube merupakan ladang konten bagi stasiun TV.

Acara On The Spot yang ditayangkan di Trans7 di hari Senin-Jumat pukul 19.15 WIB ini ‘menarik’, karena berisi kompilasi video tentang sebuah topik. Dan, topiknya juga dibuat semenarik mungkin bagi penontonya. Sebut saja kompilasi video tentang “7 Kisah Kapal Hantu”, “7 Fakta Misterius di Dunia”, atau “7 Pengalaman Setelah Meninggal”. Sumber videonya? Kebanyakan dari YouTube (walaupun mungkin tidak semua).

Bagaimana atribusi penyebutan sumbernya? Sederhana saja, cukup ditulis dengan “Source: Youtube” seperti terlihat dalam contoh dua cuitan berikut yang diunggah melalui akun On The Spot di Twitter (@Trans7OnTheSpot).

Saya memang bukan kreator video di YouTube secara aktif. Namun, ada salah satu YouTuber bernama Martin Johnson yang videonya dipakai dalam acara On The Spot Trans7 yang menyampaikan pendapatnya. Saya rasa video berikut cukup mewakili kreator video di YouTube.


Kayden + Rain


Vimeo Desktop Uploader

Few days ago, when I went to Kalibata Street and Pasar Minggu, I also made some videos. Yesterday, all videos were ready to upload. My plan was to upload them to Vimeo, not or YouTube. Reason? No personal reason. I uploaded using browser in classic mode.
But, it did not work. When it was about to finish, the upload page brought me to http://settings/. I asked this to Vimeo Staff. They gave me a link for a solution. Then, I pushed my luck by giving Vimeo Desktop Uploader a try.

And, it worked!

I think I’ll use this uploader as my primary tool when I upload my videos to Vimeo.


Dear Yahoo! Meme, I think…

When I heard about Yahoo! Meme and looked its website, in brief I was thinking about tumblelog. Seriuosly, I couldn’t fine any new features, compared to similar service like Tumblr (my Tumblr) or Posterous (my Posterous page). That was before I got a chance to try Yahoo! Meme.
Yahoo! describes Yahoo! Meme as “where you share everything you find that’s interesting”. If we go to Yahoo! Meme page, Yahoo! tells us about these following details:

  • Things have to be quick, easy and simple to do
  • You should be able to share whatever kind of content you publish or find in the web
  • Your posts should get around without you having to be a part of any specific social network
  • You keep the credit for your discoveries and creations
  • You should easily find what’s drawing everyone else’s attention

I’ve been using Tumblr for few months, and when I firstly logged in to Yahoo! Meme (after got an invitation), I see nothing but similar features — like Tumblr. This is Yahoo! Meme’s dashboard when you’re ready to post/share something:
Yahoo! Meme Dashboard
Currently, it supports some post types: text, photo, video and music (audio). For non-text contents, you can directly upload (only images) or embed external contents. So, some contents should be “somewhere” on the internet first. Anyway, Yahoo! already has a video service called Yahoo! Video, but its videos can’t be inserted? Yahoo! Meme only supports YouTube and Vimeo now. What about other video sharing providers like or Metacafe? Or, what about any video files that can be inserted using embed codes?
Now, let’s compare it to Tumblr. Tumblr offers more type of posts. And it’s so easy. We don’t need to deal with complex post customizations. For example, we post video embed codes, it will be automagically processed by Tumblr system. Neat.
Tumblr Dashboard
And, let’s not forget about various features including theme customization, custom domain, and more. I know, Yahoo! Meme is still new. They might have improvements in the future. Or, it will be closed down just like Yahoo! 360? Anyone can give me a good reason to use Yahoo! Meme?


Good Bye and Hello Videoblogging!

If you read my blog, you might know that I have started my videoblog few months ago. If you follow me via Twitter, yo might heard about my video-related website: So, it is time to say “good bye” and “hello”.
Good bye“… because I want to discontinue my videoblog at I will stop posting new videos there. I might still use my Vimeo account to store my videos, but I will not post them at I will keep them as archive.
Now, it is time to say “hello” to my new videoblog. Last week, I decided to buy a new domain name for my videoblog. It’s I did this because I want to bring this site into completely different section, not under my blog domain name. This is the first time I bought a .tv domain, too. I bought it for less than US$ 20/year. I want to join the videoblogging crowd now, especially among Indonesian videosphere. Hello Notsogeeky and Webicara!


Vimeo Plus is Available for International Users

Vimeo, my favorite video sharing provider, offers its Vimeo Plus for international users. Right now, Vimeo offers two types of account: free and Plus. I’m using the free account, and it’s more than enough for me.
With Vimeo Plus, we can get these features:

  • 5GB of upload space per week
  • 5000 free HD embed plays with purchase
  • The ability to control which domains can embed in HD
  • 25fps/PAL support for HD (up from 24fps)
  • Make your videos private on while still able to embed them on your site
  • One-button upgrading of your existing videos to the latest high-quality format without using additional upload space
  • No banner ads
  • Unlimited Groups/Channels/Albums
  • Priority uploading.
  • Full control player customization

All for $59.95/year. For free accounts, I got these features:

  • 500MB of storage per week
  • Standard quality Video
  • 1 HD video per week
  • Basic player customization
  • 1 group, 1 channel and 3 albums

This is very a great offer for those who have many videos in HD quality. All my videos are still in standard quality. Well, only capture video using my mobile phone and digital camera. :)
But, when I have my own video recorder that support HD videos, I might upgrade my account. Anyway, among the video sharing providers, I like Vimeo. I tried to upload a same video to different providers like YouTube, and Vimeo. And it seems Vimeo is the best solution for me, right now.


Videoblogging, anyone?

I decided to start a videoblogging now. When I am with my camera digital, sometime I capture videos and photos. So, why not bring the videos online? I know it is probably not popular — especially in Indonesia. But, why not?
After doing comparison steps among some video hosting providers like Vimeo, YouTube,, Yahoo! Video, Google Video, etc, I decided to host all my videos to Vimeo and embed to my videoblog. I capture all videos using both camera digital and my mobile phone Nokia. Just in case you find a low-quality videos, you know the reasons. :)
My videoblog is built using WordPress and Viper’s Video Quicktag plugin with template modifications — also some other plugins. Right now, not every video has a story/descrption, but I will add some later. Okey, here is my videoblog URL: