Serabi Solo

Last few weeks ago, I went to my relative’s house in Karanganyar. I had a chance to visit Solo City for about two hours before leaving this city to Jogjakarta. Wihout any plans, I stopped at Klewer Market (one of the biggest traditional markets in Solo City) and tried Serabi Solo. Solo is famous for its Serabi Notosuman, anyway.

While enjoying this serabi, I took some photos and create a short video episode for my videoblog. It was unplanned, but I decided to do it fast. I was thinking of having myself talking for few seconds in this video. I was lucky to have my relative with me. So, I asked him to hold the camera and directed him to hold and use my camera phone. The result is not super perfect, but I think it’s good enough.

Ke Yahoo! Community Town Hall

Akhir bulan April yang lalu, saya dihubungi oleh salah satu perwakilan dari Yahoo! Indonesia untuk berpartisipasi dalam acara Yahoo! Community Town Hall di Jakarta. Bisa dikatakan saya tidak tahu banyak sebelumnya tentang Yahoo! Community Town Hall tersebut. Salah satu bentuk partisipasi yang diharapkan adalah berbagi informasi atau pengalaman seputar salah satu produk layanan Yahoo!, yaitu Flickr. Setelah mendapatkan beberapa penjelasan tentang acara tersebut, akhirnya saya mengiyakan tawaran tersebut. Dan, karena saya berada di Jogjakarta — saat itu saya baru sekitar satu bulan berada kembali di Jogjakarta — jadilah agak sedikit perlu usaha untuk datang ke Jakarta. Kebetulan pelaksaan acara tersebut agak berbarengan dengan undangan keperluan lain untuk ke Jakarta.

Perjalanan dari Jogja saya tempuh dari Bandara Adisutjipto, dan diawali dengan keterlambatan jadwal penerbangan. Baru sekitar pukul 13.00 saya sampai ke tujuan di Jakarta. Dua hari sebelum pelaksanaan acara tersebut, saya sempat berdiskusi dan mendapatkan arahan singkat tentangĀ  acara tersebut di kantor Yahoo! Indonesia. Oh ya, acaranya sendiri diadakan di @atamerica, di Pacific Place, Jakarta — tempat yang sudah beberapa kali saya kunjungi. Jadi tidak terlalu asing juga.

Di hari H — Jumat, 6 Mei 2011 — ternyata yang datang cukup banyak Entahlah, mungkin sekitar 200 orang(?) atau malah 300(?). Dalam acara tersebut hadir juga teman-teman yang telah saya kenal sebelumnya, baik dari komunitas Koprol atau pengguna Flickr. Ada juga dari teman-teman di Kopdar Jakarta. Teman-teman lain yang memang saya kenal melalui acara atau kegiatan selama setahun saya di Jakarta juga hadir. Acaranya sendiri diisi dengan beberapa presentasi dari komunitas pengguna Yahoo! Koprol, beberapa pembicara seperti Wimar Witoelar, Christian Sugiono, dan beberapa yang lain juga. Saya sendiri berbagi melalui presentasi singkat tentang Yahoo! Flickr.

Thomas Arie presenting flickr #ytownhall

Terus terang saja, sempat grogi. Tapi coba untuk santai saja. Setelah naik ke panggung, dan keluar kalimat pertama, entah kenapa semua berjalan cukup tenang. Slide demi slide presentasi saya tampilan, dan… selesai! Untuk slide presentasi, jika ingin melihat silakan lihat dibawah ini.

Kebetulan lagi saat itu partner videoblogging saya, Teguh D.H. juga hadir. Jadilah sekalian merekam video acara tersebut. Dan, salah satunya adalah video ketika saya berada diatas panggung.

Setelah acara selesai, dilanjutkan dengan networking dan berkenalan atau sekadar ngobrol-ngobrol dengan yang hadir disana. Dalam obrolan terlontar beberapa pertanyaan baik seputar Yahoo! Flickr atau yang lain. Beberapa bahkan menanyakan apakah saat ini saya kerja di Yahoo!. Walah… Tidak, presentasi yang saya sampaikan adalah hanya seputar bagaimana saya sebagai salah satu pengguna Yahoo! Flickr saja.

Hari Minggu siang, saya berangkat ke bandara Soekarno-Hatta untuk pulang ke Jogja lagi. Oh ya, bagi saya acara Yahoo! Community Town Hall sendiri sangat menyenangkan. Koleksi foto bisa dilihat di Flickr stream Orangescale atau juga ke Flickr Group Pool. Kalau videonya, silakan lihat ke Dadio.TV. Ada 5 episode video disana.

Dadio.TV is One Now

Last year, I started a new videoblog called Dadio.TV with my friend, Teguh Dwi H. Now, our videoblog is one year old. Seeing from the number of episodes we published, traffic, and how we deal with all the production processes, I think I should be proud of it. I wrote an article about it at Dadio.TV blog.

Earth Hour 2011 and Discussion at Obrolan Langsat

Last night, I was going to Obrolan Langsat and joined the discussion about Earth Hour. Yes, this is an issue, but I’m not calling myself good at this. Every month, I pay the electricity bill for my grand parents’ house — and I don’t experience a big changes on the bill every month. May be, they’re good at saving energy. :)
This year, Earth Hour will be held on March 26, 2011 at 8.30 – 9.30 PM local time. In Jakarta, the celebration will be focused at Gedung Balaikota (Jl. Merdeka Selatan) and Bundaran Hotel Indonesia. If you have time, see you there!
Last year, my videoblogging partner — yes, Dadio.TV is a project of two: my friend and I — created an episode about Earth Hour at National Monument in Jakarta. Here’s the video :)

Site Shows Byte-Sized Slices of Jakarta Life

Site Shows Byte-Sized Slices of Jakarta Life — An article about my Dadio.TV videoblog on The Jakarta Globe.

Goodbye Nokia E72!

Nokia E72No, not that I hate my E72. I lost it. Last Monday, I reached my hometown for holiday. I liked the fact that I finally got home without loosing anything. A perfect situation. :)
On the evening, I had plan to have dinner with my girl. That should be a nice dinner. But, it turned into bad situation when I realized that I didn’t have my Nokia E72 with me. That was the time when all food were on the table. I haven’t touched anything — well, not really ‘anything’, but only some peanuts. Last time I remembered was that when I was in a taxi. I called the taxi operator and worked with the guy on the phone. I even called the taxi driver and asked him to pick us again. No luck. In short: I lost my phone. Now, I only have 5800XM with me.

YouTube Embed with New Player Design

In my previous post, I mentioned about YouTube’s new player design. Right now, it only works on YouTube site — not for videos embed externally. But, with a small modification on its player parameter, we can have the new player design for the video. Example? This is the original embed code:

<object width="560" height="340">
<param name="movie" value=""></param>
<param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param>
<param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param>
<embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="560" height="340"></embed>

Now, look at the this line of code:
To have the video inserted using a new player design, just put version=3 parameter there. So, it will be like this:
You will have YouTube video displayed like what you see below. Of course, you can still modify out it looks using another player parameters.

I personally like the new player design. So, I modified all video codes used at my videoblog to have the new look. It didn’t take much time since I replaced the codes using search and replace plugin. :)

Facebook Like Box Shows 0 Fans?

I put Facebook Like Box at my videoblog site and so far it works really well. It shows how many Facebook users who “Like” my videoblog page. It worked really well, but not in the last few days. I thought it only happened to my site, but when I randomly visit some blogs using this Facebook Like Box, the same thing happened.
But, this ‘problem’ didn’t happen if the box is displayed using <iframe>. I use XFBML, so do the sites using the same code. Hmm… not sure what happen, but it’s not working really well right now. Any thoughts?

Kereta Rel Listrik (Electric Multiple Unit) Jakarta
Actually, it was not the first time we went to Lenteng Agung Railway Station. So, when we started our videoblog, we put Lenteng Agung into our list. So, we did it. After buying a ticket, we planned to stop at Gondangdia. But, considering our plan — which was suddenly changed — we decided to stop at Manggarai.

Videoblog. Again.

With my friend, I decided to create a new videoblog. Previously, I had one at, but since I was busy and almost had no time to maintain it, I left the domain expired. Now, it has a new domain name, with a new concept. I will not talk about technology or other geeky stuff. If you like technology, you should visit Webicara, Notsogeeky, or Macindos.TV. Our new videoblog will focus on daily life.
Right now, almost all videos take Jakarta as the object. But, for me personally, I see many interesting stuff here in Jakarta — I’ve been staying in this city for almost three months. Last month, we went to Kalibata and Pasar Minggu. Not only to have durian, but also witnessing another area in Jakarta, at night. Not really at night, but can I say early in the morning?
What makes this videoblog different — from my previos one — is that I do it with a partner. He’s a good friend of mine since high school. The other important thing is that we share a same concept and understanding. It makes the videoblogging process easier. We do this videoblog mostly on weekend since we’re both working.
Anyway, the videoblog is using as its domain name. And we put our videos on YouTube. What does it mean? It might be meaningless in English, or in Indonesian language. But, you understand Javanese language, you’ll get the meaning. Yeah, it’s not a television, anyway. :D Okey, there are already some videos to watch. We have some videos on the stock about Betawi culture, food and also train (the economy class!).

Frekuensi Menulis di Blog dan Mikroblog

Kemarin, Ivan Lanin melontarkan sebuah pertanyaan melalui akun Twitter miliknya:

Apakah mikroblog dan pemutakhiran status membuat orang jadi lbh malas menulis di blog “tradisional”? [tautan]

Gara-gara pertanyaan tersebut, saya tergoda untuk menjawab pertanyaan tersebut dengan lebih panjang, melalui sebuah entri di blog ini. Jawaban saya untuk pertanyaan tersebut melalui akun Twitter saya sepertinya terlalu singkat.

Saya tidak akan menjawab mengenai istilah blog “tradisional”, tapi pemahaman saya terhadap kata ‘tradisional’ tersebut adalah blog yang pada umumnya dikenal, sebelum mikroblog berkembang sampai dengan hari ini. Atau mungkin, ketika layanan semacam Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, Foursquare, Koprol, dan lain sebagainya menjadi sangat populer.

4,000+ Flickr Photos

4,000+ Flickr photos
Last year, there were 2,000 photos in my Flickr photostream. And few days ago, I just noticed that I’ve been uploading another 2,000+ photos. So far, I’m satisfied with Flickr service — at least, I never experienced bad service. I bought a new camera few months ago (Canon EOS 450D), and I took more photos using it. The “problem” was that I don’t have too much time to upload many selected photos. This month, I decided to stop my other internet connection — yes, I use two internet providers in the last few months. The reason was simple: it was because I had to cut my internet budget.
I had no problem with my internet connection backup. In fact, I’m really satisfied with the upload speed. The upload speed also helped me working with my videoblog. Right now, I think I consider upload an download speed as “okay”. It’s not super fast. It’s okay. So, I need to be more patient dealing with uploading activity now. I’m using Telkom Speedy now.
Back to Flickr, I just realize that I need to work on the photo “sets” and “collections” management. Right now, I don’t have any “collections” for all my 4,000+ photos. All photos are managed only in “sets”. I’m still finding the best way to manage them.

Videoblogs from Indonesia

I’ve started my videoblog at If you want to find out other videoblogs from Indonesia (made by Indonesians), here are some of them.

When Your Flickr Pro Account Expired

I decided to leave my Flickr Pro account expired for some moments. I know, it’s probably not a good decision. What does my Flickr look like right now? What happens to an expired account? At least, I know the answers. Here are few things I found:
flickr exp 2

  • Flickr free account limits apply now for my account.
  • There are only 200 last photos displayed. But, this number means all your last uploaded photos. For example, if you have 90 private photos — among those 200, unregistered visitors/contact will only see 90. Get the math?
  • Free account can only have 3 sets, right? But, when you were Pro users, and downgraded to free user, you still have more than 3 accounts. I have more than 80 sets (public and private). My Flickr photostream only displays 12 sets, and 17 sets when I logged in.
  • Flickr misses expired Flickr Pro accounts. :)

Okey, will upgrade my Flickr account later since I’m still enjoying videoblogging right now. :) Basic Features and Notes You Might Want to Know

When Budi Putra visited Jogjakarta last weekend, I was involved in a discussion about a video provider called I’m using it now effectively for my videoblog. We learned about the service, features, and other aspects that we need to know. It was because we wanted to find the video hosting provider that really meet our need. So far, works great on my videoblog.
Here are what we found. If you need video hosting provider, and you consider, you might want to know these things:

  1. offers two types of account: free and pro accounts. The pro account offers many additional features like priority transcode access, transcode to iPod and MP3 formats, longer transcode times, hidden videos, and also timed publishing.
    It costs $8/month. If we purchase annually, we will get two extra months for free. only accepts Paypal right now.
  2. If we do not want to continue our pro account subscription, some pro features will be removed and all hidden videos will be visible.
  3. There are no video upload limits per day, or weeks. The maximum video size is 1 GB per file.
  4. To upload videos, we can use some alternatives: using web-based uploader, cell phone, FTP or desktop software.
  5. The desktop uploader is called UpperBlip. It is compatible with many operating systems.
  6. By default, our “Show Page” is generated from our username. So, it will be something like this: We can have different address for show page URL. Username does not have to be the same with the show page. Show page address can be changed, but not the username. You have to contact for this.
  7. offers an advertisement program. This is an optional feature. If you don’t want to see any advertisement in your uploaded videos, you can simply disable them from the dashboard.
  8. shares 50% of the adjusted gross advertising revenues that are actually received by and generated by user content with the user who uploaded the content. (source)
  9. We can customize the video player. If you want to embed the videos to different sites, we can have a preset to produce desired embed code.
  10. Many ways to distribute the videos e.g. automatic notification post to Twitter, Facebook, delicious, etc.

Of course, there are many other features and information. You can see more from FAQ and Help page. Do not forget also to read its terms of service.