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The first video uploaded to YouTube. It was back in April 23, 2005. Happy 10th birthday, YouTube!

Google Wallet in action

YouTube's Black/Dark Player

Last year, YouTube introduced its new video player design, and I decided to use it before it was released for public. Now, YouTube has another new player design. This time, it’s dark.

The next question is: Do you like it? Do I like it? The dark element can add more contrast, but when I want to include YouTube videos on my blog and dark element does not meet my website design, that might be a problem. Well, not a problem actually, but when light player is much better, probably black is not an option.

Nokia Gulp: The World's Largest Stop-Motion Animation Set using Nokia N8

I’m happy with my Nokia N8. For photo and video features, I don’t use many advanced techniques. And, I have some videos published at Dadio.TV using Nokia N8, so far I’m happy with the result. You can see more than 700 photos I took using Nokia N8 at Flickr.
If you want to see an example of creative and advanced technique using Nokia N8, you should see Gulp. It’s the world’s largest stop-motion animation shot on a Nokia N8. Here’s the final video:

So, what is Gulp?

‘Gulp’ is a short film created by Sumo Science at Aardman, depicting a fisherman going about his daily catch. Shot on location at Pendine Beach in South Wales, every frame of this stop-motion animation was shot using a Nokia N8, with its 12 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics. The film has broken a world record for the ‘largest stop-motion animation set’, with the largest scene stretching over 11,000 square feet.

There are some details on the production process at Nseries blog. These photos (and beind the scene videos) from the production must be watched.

YouTube Now Has a New Player Design?

I just visited dadio.tv channel on YouTube, I saw something different with the video player design. Looking at the new design in brief, I think I like the new one — all the player elements are there without any significant changes. I’m not sure whether it’s already announced or not, but it’s new for me. Here’s a new video player on YouTube.

And, this is the previous design:

Compared to the previous video player design, here are few things to notice:

  • It’s more polished, I think.
  • But, I’m a little bit annoyed by the frame “Seek” bar there, it covers some video area. It’s only displayed for few seconds and it becomes a tiny indicator.
  • Volume indicator is displayed horizontally. Both designs are fine, but I prefer the volume indicator on the right, not left.

This new player design is only visible when you visit videos directly on YouTube. If you embed YouTube videos in your site/blog, they’re still using the old one. Maybe later.

Videoblog. Again.

With my friend, I decided to create a new videoblog. Previously, I had one at orangebox.tv, but since I was busy and almost had no time to maintain it, I left the domain expired. Now, it has a new domain name, with a new concept. I will not talk about technology or other geeky stuff. If you like technology, you should visit Webicara, Notsogeeky, or Macindos.TV. Our new videoblog will focus on daily life.
Right now, almost all videos take Jakarta as the object. But, for me personally, I see many interesting stuff here in Jakarta — I’ve been staying in this city for almost three months. Last month, we went to Kalibata and Pasar Minggu. Not only to have durian, but also witnessing another area in Jakarta, at night. Not really at night, but can I say early in the morning?
What makes this videoblog different — from my previos one — is that I do it with a partner. He’s a good friend of mine since high school. The other important thing is that we share a same concept and understanding. It makes the videoblogging process easier. We do this videoblog mostly on weekend since we’re both working.
Anyway, the videoblog is using dadio.tv as its domain name. And we put our videos on YouTube. What does it mean? It might be meaningless in English, or in Indonesian language. But, you understand Javanese language, you’ll get the meaning. Yeah, it’s not a television, anyway. :D Okey, there are already some videos to watch. We have some videos on the stock about Betawi culture, food and also train (the economy class!).

Iron Man 2 Trailer

Say Good Bye to Flickr Set Limit and Welcome HD Videos!

After being a free member at Flickr (again), I noticed that my photostream displays more than three sets. It seems that Flickr has lifted its set limit — for free account. Right now, I can see lots of photo sets. So, what’s the exact number? Flickr writes:

We’ve lifted that limit and you’re now free to organize your most recent 200 photos into as many sets as you like.

Thank you Flickr! In short, it means that — for example — if your last 200 photos are organized into 10 sets, you will have 10 visible sets.
Another news is about HD videos support Flickr Pro members. Here are some points to notice:

  • Pro members can upload as many HD videos as they want. I hope I read it right.
  • Free members can only upload 2 videos per month. They can upload HD videos, BUT it will not be displayed in HD quality. If they upgrade to Pro account, the HD version will be available.
  • Video limits still apply: less than 90 seconds and 150MB in size.
  • Check out the new Desktop Uploadr. We can upload photos and videos easier.

I think I want to renew my Pro account membership sooner. :)

blip.tv Basic Features and Notes You Might Want to Know

When Budi Putra visited Jogjakarta last weekend, I was involved in a discussion about a video provider called blip.tv. I’m using it now effectively for my videoblog. We learned about the service, features, and other aspects that we need to know. It was because we wanted to find the video hosting provider that really meet our need. So far, blip.tv works great on my videoblog.
Here are what we found. If you need video hosting provider, and you consider blip.tv, you might want to know these things:

  1. blip.tv offers two types of account: free and pro accounts. The pro account offers many additional features like priority transcode access, transcode to iPod and MP3 formats, longer transcode times, hidden videos, and also timed publishing.
    It costs $8/month. If we purchase annually, we will get two extra months for free. blip.tv only accepts Paypal right now.
  2. If we do not want to continue our pro account subscription, some pro features will be removed and all hidden videos will be visible.
  3. There are no video upload limits per day, or weeks. The maximum video size is 1 GB per file.
  4. To upload videos, we can use some alternatives: using web-based uploader, cell phone, FTP or desktop software.
  5. The desktop uploader is called UpperBlip. It is compatible with many operating systems.
  6. By default, our “Show Page” is generated from our username. So, it will be something like this: username.blip.tv. We can have different address for show page URL. Username does not have to be the same with the show page. Show page address can be changed, but not the username. You have to contact blip.tv for this.
  7. blip.tv offers an advertisement program. This is an optional feature. If you don’t want to see any advertisement in your uploaded videos, you can simply disable them from the dashboard.
  8. blip.tv shares 50% of the adjusted gross advertising revenues that are actually received by Blip.tv and generated by user content with the user who uploaded the content. (source)
  9. We can customize the video player. If you want to embed the videos to different sites, we can have a preset to produce desired embed code.
  10. Many ways to distribute the videos e.g. automatic notification post to Twitter, Facebook, delicious, etc.

Of course, there are many other features and information. You can see more from FAQ and Help page. Do not forget also to read its terms of service.

Good Bye and Hello Videoblogging!

If you read my blog, you might know that I have started my videoblog few months ago. If you follow me via Twitter, yo might heard about my video-related website: orangebox.tv. So, it is time to say “good bye” and “hello”.
Good bye“… because I want to discontinue my videoblog at video.orangescale.com. I will stop posting new videos there. I might still use my Vimeo account to store my videos, but I will not post them at video.orangescale.com. I will keep them as archive.
Now, it is time to say “hello” to my new videoblog. Last week, I decided to buy a new domain name for my videoblog. It’s orangebox.tv. I did this because I want to bring this site into completely different section, not under my blog domain name. This is the first time I bought a .tv domain, too. I bought it for less than US$ 20/year. I want to join the videoblogging crowd now, especially among Indonesian videosphere. Hello Notsogeeky and Webicara!

Vimeo Plus is Available for International Users

Vimeo, my favorite video sharing provider, offers its Vimeo Plus for international users. Right now, Vimeo offers two types of account: free and Plus. I’m using the free account, and it’s more than enough for me.
With Vimeo Plus, we can get these features:

  • 5GB of upload space per week
  • 5000 free HD embed plays with purchase
  • The ability to control which domains can embed in HD
  • 25fps/PAL support for HD (up from 24fps)
  • Make your videos private on Vimeo.com while still able to embed them on your site
  • One-button upgrading of your existing videos to the latest high-quality format without using additional upload space
  • No banner ads
  • Unlimited Groups/Channels/Albums
  • Priority uploading.
  • Full control player customization

All for $59.95/year. For free accounts, I got these features:

  • 500MB of storage per week
  • Standard quality Video
  • 1 HD video per week
  • Basic player customization
  • 1 group, 1 channel and 3 albums

This is very a great offer for those who have many videos in HD quality. All my videos are still in standard quality. Well, only capture video using my mobile phone and digital camera. :)
But, when I have my own video recorder that support HD videos, I might upgrade my account. Anyway, among the video sharing providers, I like Vimeo. I tried to upload a same video to different providers like YouTube, blip.tv and Vimeo. And it seems Vimeo is the best solution for me, right now.

Videoblogging, anyone?

I decided to start a videoblogging now. When I am with my camera digital, sometime I capture videos and photos. So, why not bring the videos online? I know it is probably not popular — especially in Indonesia. But, why not?
After doing comparison steps among some video hosting providers like Vimeo, YouTube, blip.tv, Yahoo! Video, Google Video, etc, I decided to host all my videos to Vimeo and embed to my videoblog. I capture all videos using both camera digital and my mobile phone Nokia. Just in case you find a low-quality videos, you know the reasons. :)
My videoblog is built using WordPress and Viper’s Video Quicktag plugin with template modifications — also some other plugins. Right now, not every video has a story/descrption, but I will add some later. Okey, here is my videoblog URL: http://video.orangescale.com

Podcast, videoblog and Pesta Blogger

Okey, let’s make it short. I have started a podcast channel and videoblog few days ago. If you visit my blog, you might have seen in on the sidebar. The reason was pretty simple: I like doing it, and I enjoy it. :)
Just go to my podcast channel and videoblog. About Pesta Blogger 2008 — I will join it! — you can listen to foreign bloggers’ comment during their trip to Indonesia few days ago. Some videos are also available.
I will be going to Jakarta this evening using Mandala Airlines with Lala, depart from Adisutjipto International Airport at 5:15 PM. If you subscribe to my blog, you probably did not get updates from my feed. I’m enjoying Twitter very much now.
Have a nice weekend all, and… Jakarta, I’m coming!

Third 2008 Presidential Debate (US)

Just in case you’re interested. Third 2008 Presidential Debate is available at YouTube.

Features for Developers (Firefox 3.1 beta 1)

Okey, this should be a good news.

Geolocation is a JavaScript API that lets a web page query the browser’s location via JavaScript. It can be used to plot maps, give directions, attach location information to pictures, give a location for a weblog post and a pile of other things.
More details about Geolocation API Specification.


Add support for the CSS @font-face property. This property allows you to specify a true type font file that includes a specific font you want to use to render a web page.
More details about @font-face

Video and Audio

Include support for the <video> and <audio>elements. This beta includes support for the OGG Theora and OGG Vorbis formats on all platforms

And more…