Podcast, videoblog and Pesta Blogger

Okey, let’s make it short. I have started a podcast channel and videoblog few days ago. If you visit my blog, you might have seen in on the sidebar. The reason was pretty simple: I like doing it, and I enjoy it. :)
Just go to my podcast channel and videoblog. About Pesta Blogger 2008 — I will join it! — you can listen to foreign bloggers’ comment during their trip to Indonesia few days ago. Some videos are also available.
I will be going to Jakarta this evening using Mandala Airlines with Lala, depart from Adisutjipto International Airport at 5:15 PM. If you subscribe to my blog, you probably did not get updates from my feed. I’m enjoying Twitter very much now.
Have a nice weekend all, and… Jakarta, I’m coming!



TwiTip is a blog about using Twitter. Some tips and other information on how to use Twitter more effectively. Anyway, Darren Rowse is there.


OpenX Hosted is available for all web publisher now!

It was in the private beta, need invitation. I got one. Now, OpenX hosted solution (beta) is available for web publisher. Say good bye to invitation, sign up now. Again, it’s free up to 25 million of ad impression per month. If you’re a Twitter user like me, do not forget to follow @openx


Blocking More Twitter Users

Today, I blocked many Twitter users who followed me. I already did it before. I have some spammy followers. They just published some links to visit their websites or other sites. I don’t know.
Searching using Come OR visit gives me lots of spammy tweets (hat tip @budip). Sometime I did not check every followers directly after I got a notification from Twitter. Luckily, my “followers” page shows me the recent followers. So, it’s easier to check.


Do You Block Other Twitter Users?

My short answer is: Yes. Sometimes, I do block some Twitter users (followers). The main reason is pretty simple. I think they’re spammy users. For example, here are their ‘condition’:

  • I could not even see his/her profile. No URL, no short bio.
  • He/she follows too-many users, but only have little followers.
  • He/she only promote what he/she’s doing. Okey, I am not talking about @cnnbrk — it’s a different story.

So, I blocked them. In Twitter, blocking a person means:

  • You will no longer show up in the blocked person’s list of friends.
  • Your updates won’t show up on the blocked person’s profile page.
  • The blocked person will not be able to add you as a friend.
  • You can unblock people. You’ll have to add them as a friend after unblocking, though.

I’m fine with that. I’m just curious, are you also blocking other users?


TimesPeople from The New York Times


The New York Times launches a new feature called TimesPeople. It’s a social network for Times readers — and it’s still in beta. Here, we can share interesting news found at with other users. If we think that other people should find out about articles, comments or any other news at NYTimes, we can recommend them to other people.

When I tried this service and explore some pages inside TimesPeople, I see a combination of Twitter, and Only combination from those services? I see Newsvine and Digg, too.

Currently, we can use this social network service only on Mozilla Firefox. It’s available as add-on. Read TimesPeople FAQ page for more details.