Hasil Sensus Penduduk Indonesia Tahun 2020

Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) Republik Indonesia baru saja merilis data hasil pelaksanaan sensus penduduk 2020. Terkait dengan proses pendatatan, saya ikut didata pada September 2020 lalu. Menurut hasil sensus, jumlah penduduk Indonesia adalah 270,20 juta jiwa.

Hasil Sensus Penduduk 2020

Muhammad Hudori, Sekretaris Jenderal Kementerian Dalam Negeri dalam rilisnya menyampaikan bahwa rilis ini dilaksanakan untuk pertama kalinya sebagai wujud koordinasi dan kolaborasi instansi pemerintah dalam mewujudkan satu data yang diawali dengan satu data kependudukan. Jumlah penduduk dari hasil registrasi di semester II (Desember) tahun 2020 disampaikan Hudori sebanyak 271 juta jiwa. Sementara capaian perekaman KTP elektronik di 2020 telah mencapai 99,11%. Hudori juga menyampaikan sebuah fakta menarik, bahwa terdapat sekitar 17 ribu penduduk dengan rentang usia 100 s.d 115 tahun di Indonesia.

Kepala BPS dan Sekjen Kemendagri kemudian bersama-sama merilis hasil SP2020 dan mengumumkan bahwa pada September 2020 jumlah penduduk Indonesia sebesar 270,20 juta jiwa. “Data hasil SP2020 dan data registrasi kependudukan oleh Dirjen Dukcapil diharapkan dapat saling melengkapi untuk dapat dimanfaatkan diberbagai bidang,” ungkap Kecuk. SP2020 diakui Kecuk berjalan penuh tantangan di tengah kondisi Pandemi. Beberapa karakteristik penduduk menjadi tidak dapat diperoleh karena proses bisnis melalui banyak penyesuaian.

Baik Hudori maupun Kecuk mengakui bahwa hasil SP2020 ini telah selaras dengan data Adminduk 2020 tertutama pada level nasional. Sementara pada tingkat provinsi, perbedaan jumlah penduduk antara hasil SP2020 dan data Adminduk merupakan gambaran banyaknya penduduk yang melakukan perpindahan, baik untuk keperluan bekerja, sekolah, maupun alasan lainnya.

Rilis BPS: 270,20 juta Penduduk Indonesia Hasil SP2020

Snapchat Daily Usage

Snapchat Passes Twitter in Daily Usage — The four-year-old messaging app is said to have 150 million people using it each day. I’m “thomasarie” on Snapchat and Twitter, by the way.


This game is called “Dots“. It’s very basic. No complicated how-to’s, tutorials, levels, or scores. I need to connect two or more dots (in same color). I can do it horizontally  or vertically. But not diagonally. And, that’s it. It’s about connecting.
This simple game is developed by Betaworks, available for free.
Anyway, according to the statistics, this simple game has been downloaded more than 1 million times in one week, and 25 million games has been played.

Merry Flickr: Free Flickr Pro for 3 months (current Pro users included)

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 1.22.54 PM
Flickr — Yahoo-owned photo-sharing service — offers 3 months free account for its users. Currently, Flickr has two types of accounts: free and Pro ($24.95/year). I’ve been using Filckr Pro for years, and happy with it. Especially, when Flickr released its new version of Flickr for iOS. For the reminder, by having a Flickr Pro account you can get these advanced features:

  • Unlimited photo uploads (50MB per photo)
  • Unlimited video uploads (90 seconds max, 500MB per video)
  • The ability to show HD Video
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Archiving of high-resolution original images
  • The ability to replace a photo
  • Post any of your photos or videos in up to 60 group pools
  • View count and referrer statistics
  • Limitation of maximum image size available to others
  • Ad-free browsing and sharing

To get Flickr’s Holiday Gift, you only need to visit flickr.com/holidaygift and get your account upgraded. For existing Flickr Pro customers, your accounts will be extended — additional 3 months will be added to your account. For example, my Flickr account previously will be expired on March 16, 2014. Now, it had been extended until June 16th, 2014.
Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 1.18.47 PM

Welcome, YouTube Indonesia!

Isn’t nice when YouTube Official blog post an article using Bahasa Indonesia for its subject? Well, I know… it’s only a title. Yes, YouTube just announced that they launched its new domain for Indonesia. It’s youtube.co.id.

If you open youtube.co.id on your browser, you will be redirected to http://www.youtube.com/?gl=ID&hl=id So, is it only a matter of having YouTube in Bahasa Indonesia? I think it’s not.
By having “Indonesia” under location list (see at the bottom of the page), YouTube homepage will bring more relevant contents from/for audience in Indonesia. It’s like “the local version of YouTube”. Anyway, if we refer to statistics by Alexa, YouTube is ranked on the top 5 sites visited from Indonesia. Among the top 5 list, there are some other website like Facebook, Google (search), and also Blogspot. Internet users in Indonesia love YouTube.
On the other hand, it’s a new strategy for YouTube to work together with local providers to bring more contents that target Indonesian internet users. Watch the video:

Will Soekarno-Hatta (CGK) be on the top 10 busiest airports?

It might be.

Got the tweet from Daniel Giovanni (@qronoz), and I spent my time exploring the statistics at Wikipedia about World’s busiest airports by passenger traffic. Some interesting numbers there. According to the statistics in 2011, Soekarno-Hatta was ranked as the 12th busiest airport (by passanger traffic) in the world after Hong Kong International Airport and Denver International Airport. It’s bussier than John F. Kennedy International Airport and Singapore Changi Airport.
Still according to Wikipedia, “a passenger” is described as:

“someone who arrives in, departs from, or transfers through the airport on a given day”.

Seeing from the figure, I think Soekarno-Hatta might be on the top 10 list in 2012. Or, probably in 2013. Of course, there are some other factors involved, but let’s look closer on some facts about Soekarno-Hatta airport:

  • Soekarno-Hatta began to operate in 1985. The current operator is PT Angkasa Pura II, anyway.
  • Currently, there are 3 terminals (Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3). According to the plan, Terminal 4 will be build in 2013. In total, there are 45 gates.
  • By passenger traffic, here are some statistics:
    • In 2008, it was ranked number 36
    • In 2009, it was ranked number 22
    • In 2010, it was ranked number 16
    • In 2011, it was ranked number 12 (19.3% change from the previous year, with the total passengers of 52,446,618). Compared to the other 29 airports on the list, Soekarno-Hatta had the biggest growth followed by Atatürk International Airport of Turkey (16.3%)

So, what do you think about the statistics in 2012?

Missing WordPress' Jetpack Statistics Data

I have been using WordPress Stats plugin for long time. And when Jetpack  was introduced, I had it installed right away. Everything works great. What I like about WordPress statistics data — from this plugin — is that it can give me some useful insight about my blog traffic. It’s not as detailed as Google Analytics, of course. But, it’s useful.
Yesterday, I made some modifications on the blog theme. I was not sure whether this problem has something to do with the issue or not. But, when I logged in to my WordPress dashboard and hit the Stats Page I found an error. Something regarding the invalid token.
I disabled Jetpack plugin, and had it enabled again. I did it using the standard procedure: install, connect to WorPress.com account, and configure.

All works. But, not the statistics. All statistics are gone.

I have some statistic profiles under a single WordPress.com account. I checked the other sites, and they’re all working. I’m still looking for a solution for this. I feel that all the statistics are stored at WordPress’ server. I think I will try to contact them. For now, I think I will use Google Analytics data and server log.

250 Million Tweets per Day and More Than 100 Million Users

CEO Dick Costolo
At Web 2.0 Summit 2011 in San Fransisco, Dick Costolo (Twitter CEO) revealed some latest statistics about Twitter. Here are some facts:

References: Forbes, Business Insider, The Next Web.

Instagram now received more than 150,000,000 photos!

Instagram announced another milestone yesterday on their blog:

Today, we’re excited to announce that more than 150 million photos have been shared on Instagram and Instagrammers now share photos with one another at a rate of 15 photos per second.

And, it only took less than a year to hit that impressive statistics! And, I never had a chance to have Instagram-experience. Should I get an iPhone? Errr…
Anyway, this is the 150,000,000th photo posted to Instagram:

What about other similar service like Yahoo! Flickr or Smugmug? Even they’re not identical services and probably reach different users, it’s still interesting to read the statistics.
Flickr — owned by Yahoo! — just got its 5,000,000,000 last year. Yahoo! bought Flickr in March 2005. That’s right, it was six years ago. I don’t know exactly how many photos sent to Flickr per day, but it seems that Flickr got less photos — considering the photo sharing services and their simplicity these days. Well, correct me if I’m wrong on this matter.
Another photo sharing service is Smugmug. It’s not that big, but it seems that Smugmug has many happy users. If we look at the service profile, there are more than 1,400,000,000 photos uploaded. Smugmug was launched in November 2002.
And, last but not least, there is also 500px. Not sure about the exact photo statistics, but last week update posted on 500px blogs can give you some hints. According to the website statistics: “500px.com passed 4 million visits in the last 30 days, 35 million pageviews and 1.9 million unique visitors”.

Twitter is now available in Bahasa Indonesia

Finally, Twitter users are now able to have Twitter’s interface in Bahasa Indonesia! Indonesia is available as the 11th languages options. I think this is  a good move since Twitter is getting more popular in Indonesia. According to the statistics last year, Indonesia was the top contributing countries after the United States and Japan. And, both languages (Dutch and Bahasa Indonesia) are the first languages translated by the community through Twitter Translation Center.

For a complete list, Twitter is now available in: Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, English, Korean, French, Dutch, Russian, German, Japanese. You can choose the language settings from Account menu tab.

Twitter received 200 millions tweets per day

Twitter just announced another milestone. According to the statistics, Twitter users are sending 200 millions tweets per day. Yes, it’s bigger than some country populations like Japan, Russia, or even Brazil!

Halfway through 2011, users on Twitter are now sending 200 million Tweets per day. For context on the speed of Twitter’s growth, in January of 2009, users sent two million Tweets a day, and one year ago they posted 65 million a day. [source]

Twitter also have a visualization on the number. So, if:

  • a single tweet consists of 25 words in average,
  • War and Peace book has 1,225 pages and 500 words per page

Then, 24,500 tweets is equal to a single copy of War and Peace. And 200 millions tweets is  approximately equal to 8,163 copies of War and Peace book.

Yahoo! Flickr's new landing page

When did the last time you visit Yahoo! Flickr homepage? If you visit flickr.com, it has a new look and I think it displays more information. The new landing page will be visible only for non-logged in users.

Compared to the previous one, here are few things I noticed:

  • You will see bigger rotating photos and not only one. Notice the sliding effect there. Some members give their opinion about how photos are displayed. Read the feedbacks at Yahoo! Flickr blog.
  • Since this is made especially for new users, the new landing page gives more details on the top features. By this, I think users will not need to go to the Tour page to get some reasons to create an account.
  • Less photo statistics. Previously, the page gave some numbers like how many photos uploaded in the last one minute, how many photos tagged with a certain tag, and also how many geo-tagged photos uploaded in a certain period — within a month? I’m not sure. All these numbers are gone now. I’m not sure whether the information displayed previously was real-time statistics or not.

The current design does not seem trying to sell its Flickr Pro features. But of course, the Flickr Pro feature is something that probably-purchased by existing users. So, get more users first, and when they found the service great and useful, they might want to upgrade their accounts.
And, there are 8 links to the account creation page. I counted and found 8 links. Or, more? Let me add one here: Create a Flickr account now. :D
Congrats Yahoo! Flickr for the new design. I rarely visit the frontpage, anyway.

After using DISQUS for a month

A month ago, I migrated this blog commenting system to DISQUS and I notice that I got zero spam. Great! Previously, I used Akismet and it also worked great. Akismet can identify comment spams but the they still entered the system database.
I know, this blog doesn’t have a huge amount of traffic. But for a low traffic website, Akismet detected hundreds (and sometime thousands) of comment spams — according to the Akismet statistics in my blog. Not good. Thinking of using DISQUS for my other blogs I maintain.

Some Facebook statistics

So here are a few more statistics about Facebook: All told, users spend 8 billion minutes on the site every day. There are 3.5 billion pieces of content shared weekly. 2.5 billion photos are uploaded every month, and 1.2 million photos are served up every second.